Untamed Empires



     Untamed Empires is a mortal realm within the Suzerain universe. It's part of the Elements family of realms, representing the eastern USA, Caribbean, and part of Europe/Africa on the other side of the Atlantic. It's part of the future after mankind has terraformed our world and then blasted it back to an earlier age during the Pulse War.

     In the chronology of Untamed Empires, Year 0 (written Yr0) is the end of the Pulse War, when the survivors crawled out of the rubble and took stock of their miserable situation. They tried to rebuild some semblance of civilization without electricity, running water, and any of the modern amenities we take for granted.

     Much of the focus on Untamed Empires happens around Yr208 when empires have risen in the New World (the former Europe) and explored the Old World (former USA) using sailing ships and crazy mechanical contraptions such as nautilus submarines. Giant mutated sea monsters prowl the deep oceans, preying on ships making the crossing. Pirate ships patrol the waters of the Setward Isles (the former Caribbean), looking to raid treasure ships and bring riches back to the empires.

     Untamed Empires gets its name from the Celestium Empires that define most civilization and the Untamed Lands, those nistral areas of the realm where few have trodden since the end of the War.


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