This website is the home of the Suzerain community, the SuzeWiki. It's the community's online home for everything to do with the Suzerain universe, administrated by Savage Mojo. There are individual pages for the site's Terms and Conditions, as well as a Beginner's Guide (external link). On the left of the page you'll see a side bar with various options - if you have any questions or just want to chat about Suzerain, click on the 'Forums' link and have your say!


Types of Content

     The SuzeWiki contains various types of content. It's a knowledge base for a very large universe of ideas, after all! You'll find pages that discuss these ideas, like the concept of realms and the Maelstrom, the spirit world and the nature of our physical world.

     You'll also find pages that cover the admin of the site, pages like this one, the Terms and Conditions, and pages about specific products we've released that relate to Suzerain, from The Great Below to the Suzerain roleplaying game.

     Mostly, though, you'll find pages that tell the story of a place and time, detailing a slice of life in a particular realm. The content might be geographical, like the Great Expanse or Setward Isles which relate to the Relic and Untamed Empires realm respectively. It might be the story of an individual like Crewman Cole Cutty or Captain 'Patch' Anders, who lived in the Setward Isles around Yr208. There's an ever-increasing number of stories and pages in the SuzeWiki, and you're invited to contribute, too! Check out the beginner's guide I mentioned above for details about how to do that.


But There's More!

     This site is more than just a place to bring the collected tales of Suzerain. If you check out the Image Galleries (external link), you'll see all the art that we're uploading as part of the wiki... and there are some beautiful pieces being uploaded all the time, so it's worth taking a look once in a while.

     It's also a place to come and talk, in the forums (external link), and the forums are somewhere to give us feedback and suggestions.

     Finally, there's the shop (external link), which gets its own tab next to 'Welcome (external link)' and 'SuzeWiki (external link)' at the top of the page. If you like the Suzerain universe and what you're seeing here, please visit the shop and buy a couple of things. It'll help the official writers and artists of our universe keep the electricity company off their back, and let them concentrate on producing more great content.

     Happy Suzeraining!

     Miles M Kantir

     Suzerain, Lead Developer

     Savage Mojo, Publisher


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