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     Relic is a mortal realm within the Suzerain universe, in the tradition of classic high fantasy. It's part of the Elements family of realms, the quadrant of the world that includes Australasia, but in the time after mankind terraformed our world and then blasted it back to an earlier age during the Pulse War.

     Relic has centaur tribes, dragon-men who evolve to be full dragons over their lives, sea elves with an Egyptian style society, wizards and alchemists rubbing shoulders with the Church and her questing knights, a huge Greco-roman civilization of intrigue and organized combat, shamans, warlocks, priests of a dozen flavors, elemental humanoids, powerful spirits entering the physical world, the mystery of the prison city - Isirion, tough as nails bear-men barbarians charging dragons the size of mountains, gremlins who have metal pass right through them, dwarves that pass right through stone, survivors of an entire lost civilization right under your feet... and that's barely scratching the surface.



     Relic was warped and twisted more than most areas of the Earth. So much that time itself flowed at an accelerated rate for many years after the main Australian landmass was turned into a super-volcano. When time finally slowed to match the flow in other Elements realms, the handful of mutated, hardened survivors had nearly no knowledge of former times. These survivors found much inner strength, though. People wielded magic and the power of their faith, talked to spirits and transformed into animal shapes. Technology was simple, with swords and bows ruling the battlefield.

     In the chronology of Relic, Year 0 (written Yr0) was the end of the War Of The Wild, another great conflict where invaders from far away came to the main continent of Austeria and raised armies to try and destroy all mankind. In Yr0 the survivors of this second great war rebuilt their shattered kingdoms and looked forward to a bright new age. Their continent was divided into two main parts - the Great Expanse and Wild-Scarred Lands.

     Much of the focus on Relic happens around Yr208 / Yr209 when the war was just distant history and the Wild just a story used to frighten young children. The Wild survived too, though, and had lain dormant for all those years. Slowly, the Warlocks were starting to rebuild their influence, in a world that had largely forgotten about them, making their corrupting influence even easier to exert.

     For a fun little jaunt around the realm, we'll hand you over to Estev Brass-Ear, quartermaster at the Garris chapterhouse of the Guardians of Austra in Yr208...

     Welcome to my world. I'm your humble quartermaster and I'll be taking you through the basics of life around here. Let's start global and then get local:

     Austeria is the main continent of the Relic setting and it's a big place. How's about some history, a little geography, and maybe we'll do a spot of people watching as we go?

     I'll start with how Austeria came to exist, which is a bunch of old legends. In the time before time itself, legend tells of a paradise. Humanity stretched from one shore to another, until the coming of Austra, the fire goddess, to the great mountain of the gods. How Austra came to exist kind of depends on your religion. What happened next kind of depends on your religion. In fact, most of history before the War Of The Wild depends on your religion.

     That gets religion out of the way. Next, click on the links that interest you below for more information:






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