Paluu The Vivisector


     Paluu is a pale and scarred Valon who took a barbarian name meaning 'Most Feared'. Paluu's purview is the sale of illegal drugs and black alchemical concoctions. He owns a nice townhouse at the edge of the Fumes; the bottom floor is one of the larger and nicer shops for perfectly legal goods while the remaining four stories are a home for him and his family. Below the house, however, are levels of labs and storage rooms that host horrors. Paluu himself is a trained anatomist, though he knows little of the actual healing arts; he is more concerned with the dead and undead. To fund his unnatural researches, he has been forced into a life of crime and then found he had a talent for it. It has made him one of the wealthiest people in town.

     Paluu commands about thirty apprentices who know little to nothing of his work, seven journeymen level alchemists who are aware of his criminal dealings, and about fifty assorted henchmen of various levels of loyalty and ability. He deals fairly with his clients and has a bond of trust with most of his regulars. As a result he has made few enemies apart from those who have always wanted what rich men have.

     See also Crime In New Garris.


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