Garden Of Athena

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      All of the 'Garden' worlds of our far future are linked to a single history, and thus are one realm together, part of the Catalyst family of realms. Among them, the planet known as the Garden of Athena, or simply Athens, is dominant.

      Dogs of Hades is a part of the Garden Of Athena realm, set in the Catalyst Realm of the Suzerain Continuum.



     Athens is about the size of Earth; that fabled cradle of mankind. It has about the same climate, if slightly hotter and dryer, a slightly higher ratio of water to land, higher and more rugged mountains and animal life that, aside from some notable exceptions, is no different than you'd expect on Earth.

     The human culture that dominates Athens is reminiscent of ancient Greece, especially at first glance, and shares many of its trappings. The venerated gods are from the Olympic pantheon, the language very close to ancient Greek, and society strongly male dominated with an economy dependent on large quantities of slaves to do the physical work.

     Studied a little closer, the differences start to show. The ancient Greeks didn't have faster-than-light space travel, their armor wasn't made of a super strong material, nor did they have the benefit of Logicians and their incredible mental abilities. So while the residents of the Garden of Athena had many of the trappings of their Earth-bound forefathers, and they considered themselves direct descendants from the Homeric heroes, their culture is distinguished by its technological prowess.

     Convinced of their favoritism among the gods, the Athenians colonized many barbarian worlds where other cultures thrived. Some of these were reminiscent of Earthly cultures, others quite unique, but all were inferior in the eyes of the Athenians.

     Only the godless Sakalids gave the Athenians pause in their path to domination of the cosmos.


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