End Times


     Even gods have myths, and all residents of the Maelstrom have one myth they share. They tell of a moment when the Veil will be torn apart, merging the mortal and immortal realms. The time stream of the Maelstrom and the time stream of the mortal universe will collide, briefly coexist in the End Times, and then the universe will implode into a single particle, destroying all things, even the gods themselves, in that instant.

     The myth frightens many gods, depresses others, and drives one or two to bouts of drinking. Yet there's one positive message from the myth - the particle that's left when our universe is destroyed grows to become a new universe, the seed of another set of beings and realms and gods. Not that it's much consolation to anyone who lived in our version of existence.

     For all their power, none of the gods can prove or disprove the myth of the End Times. In many ways, that makes it ever more powerful in their minds. There's no sign of an apocalypse coming, but many residents of the Maelstrom just have a gut feeling that the myth is right, and that one day everything we know will cease to exist.

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