Elements is the name given to one of three families of realms that make up the mortal realms of the Suzerain universe. Elements covers the Earth from the end of the Pulse War to the point where the Barriers between the Elements realms came down, reuniting the quadrants of the planet and allowing mankind to finally realize our potential and blast off for the stars.

     The Elements part of the Suzerain chronology is named after the elements of matter and energy which make up everything in the physical world and spirit world.



     In the 21st century, there was a great war that nearly destroyed our world, the Pulse War. Finally, huge forcefields were activated that segmented the world into quarters, maximizing the chance that some people somewhere might survive, which they did. However, knocked back to a more primitive level where day to day survival was all that mattered, and where there was no power to run electronics, each quadrant had a long way to go before mankind got back to pre-War technology levels.

     The four quadrants are each a realm - Wilderlands, Untamed Empires, Enigma, and Relic. A fifth realm is part of the Elements family though - Gatherall, a pocket realm hidden inside a 10km forcefield bubble within one of the other realms.


Communal features

     The joint nature of these realms meant that they shared certain features. Sometimes, the things shared were surprising because of the Barriers isolating them from each other... yet otherworldly forces were clearly in effect.

     Most importantly, each of the realms has some representation of the goddess Trinity, though not always in quite the same form. Additionally, terms of reference for navigation developed equally in tandem. More understandably, the realms had a common language... though it grew more distinct as the decades and centuries went by after the Barriers went up. Also, they shared units of measure from the cultures around during the Pulse War (the metric system is used throughout the Elements realms, even the fantasy realm of Relic whose time flow was different to the others).


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