American Grit

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     American Grit is a Timeline realm covering the Great Depression years in the USA, the modern day world, and beyond. The nexus point that links it all together is an organization, the SPA, founded in the 1930s to combat supernatural threats, and still going strong into the new millennium.



     It was a time when secret organizations, hidden magic, strange technology, and hard-as-nails G-men collided and mixed across the canvas of a shattered nation. President Roosevelt talked about a "New Deal", and massively extended the schedule of public works. Organizations that Hoover put in place got to grow and take on new importance. Behind all the headlines, the bridge building, the new road-laying, there was a government group called the SPA that quietly expanded its operations.

     SPA stands for 'Special Projects Administration' and its duty was, among other things, to investigate unnatural occurrences on American soil. Strange goings-on among the hobos running the rails. Mysterious happenings at circuses. Death cults in the Florida swamps. Crazy scientists carrying out extreme weather control experiments. All this and more fell under the remit of the SPA.

     The Great Depression was a time of extreme spiritualism, the rise of numerous sects, and a tough-to-shake sense that there was more than scuttlebutt to the ghost stories and tales of the paranormal which the old folks told. The common man felt it, and he was right to believe the stories. As any SPA operative would tell you, behind the soup kitchens and boarded up farmsteads there were plenty of secrets hiding, secrets that normal Americans weren't ready to face.

     Luckily, that's what they had the government for... and the SPA answered the call.

     Now fast forward 60 years. The SPA has gone through hard times, assimilation into the CIA, expansion of its remit to cover global supernatural threats, inclusion of agents from around the world, and more. At the start of the millennium year, though, it faces its greatest challenge. Will the world end at Y2K, leaving our reality as a fading branch of a new main time line? That's where American Grit trades the old trench-coated G-men for a new breed, where James Bond meets the X-Files, and 1999 technology faces ancient magic.



     American Grit is represented by two realm books for the Savage Worlds version of the Suzerain RPG game. The first is Noir Knights, and the second is Millennium Knights. These books are unique in Savage Suzerain, representing one realm but not in chronological order.     

     Millennium Knights is designed for Novice rank characters, while Noir Knights poses the tougher challenge and is recommended for Heroic rank characters. Since time travel is not impossible in Suzerain once a character hits Heroic rank, this reversal of chronological order doesn't stop the same characters from exploring the plot of both books, starting their career in 1999 then going back in time to 1934 to save the SPA in its formative years.

     In fact, it leads to a fun set of American Grit Easter Eggs that also encompass the Shanghai Vampocalypse book!


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