Since the start of the Shaintar Kickstarter, Gayle has been the driving force behind the project. She was the tireless link between Savage Mojo and Evil Beagle Games for the early stages of fulfillment, and when we took over the Kickstarter completely she also became the full time line developer.

Here's the thing: Gayle hasn't received a cent for her hundreds of hours of effort in all that time. Not one cent. Her passion has driven her and now, having released over 40 products, a million words of gaming wonders, we'd like to ask you to show your appreciation.

If Shaintar has given you joy then please choose an amount below and donate to the tip jar. If you've enjoyed any of the books, played any sessions in this amazing setting, then please give something. 100% of the money will go to Gayle.

Remember, without Gayle none of this would have been possible.

From all of us at Savage Mojo - thank you for your generosity.