Godstrike Tempest: Shaintar/Suzerain Crossover

Godstrike Tempest: Shaintar/Suzerain Crossover

A Storm Like No Other. Tread Softly. Fight Hard.

Sebaya, the Inferno

Og’M Drakar is the Eye of the Dragon, a lake in the Northern Gathers. In the middle of the lake lies an island, an island where few venture. In the middle of the island lies Castle WinterHawk, built by a pre-Kal empire but long abandoned.

This is where a portal to a hungry god has opened. This is where the Godstrike Tempest will strike, and it strikes today.

Godstrike Tempest is high level Savage Worlds adventure for Shaintar characters of at least Heroic Rank, and/or Suzerain characters.

It's a grand crossover event showing the exceptional potential of the Suzerain Continuum.

It's an epic showdown pitting larger-than-life heroes against demon lords and chaotic godlings for the fate of an entire reality.

This product also contains the Storm Druid Edge, for those looking a bit of flash and bang for their druid characters.

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