Savage Mojo is a one man company on paper. In practice that one man manages the ever-growing Savage Mojo family through the trials and tribulations of producing all of our fine products. He isn’t ‘the boss’, he’s the poor chap who had an idea or two and dared to try and turn them into something. He is an all round good egg, and his motto is:

There are only three currencies: time, good will, and fresh ground coffee

For those who don’t know him, we'll let him dig beyond his motto....

Hey folks *waves*. I posted a bio on another site recently, so I'm going to plagiarize shamelessly. (Is self-plagiarization even possible?)

*taps microphone* Is this thing on?

Okay, okay. Where to begin? Oh, yeah, Name, Rank and Serian Number. Wait, that's a typo. I'm pretty sure the Serians are a race of warmongers from the Omicron Quadrant.

Name: Miles M Kantir

Rank: Lead Developer, Suzerain (also, for my sins, Publisher, Savage Mojo)

Serian Number: 0MG-1M40

Now you've got the pertinents (yeah, I just made that into a noun), let's do the most... important... thing... ever

Backstory. For real, we're roleplayers right? What PC doesn't have a backstory after 44 years? Here's mine:

I'm one of the first generation role-players, who fondly remembers being roped in by my elder brother, at the tender age of seven, to a game of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ (which nobody had heard of back then). I slew a giant rat, found 8 copper pieces, and was hooked. It wasn't long before my brother discover girls and handed me his D&D books. His loss, my gain. Later I learnt about girls that enjoy roleplaying (and cool music and er, a few other neat things), and had one of the happiest teenagerhoods (see, I'm making up words again) you could ever imagine.

And that's it. No demonic incursions wiped out my family. No conscription sent me to fight in a faraway war. I didn't discover a latent talent for the arcane arts (though that would have been great, of course). One giant rat, 8 copper pieces, and that's how we make history in my neck of the woods, baby.

I'll quit while I'm ahead. Or at least, only marginally behind.

Happy Suzeraining,


Miles M Kantir
Publisher, Savage Mojo