Legends Awaken is about two things:

  1. Building a community of gamers who want to roleplay as part of a dynamic and evolving setting, where your game sessions can change the future of the setting itself.
  2. Being an inclusive community, a safe place for gamers of all kinds.

     Legends Awaken is all about bringing people together to make a living campaign. Our goal is to tell cool stories where you, the GMs and players, have the ability to have your stories and characters play a role in future publications. You also have the chance, should you choose it, for your stories to interweave with other gaming groups from all over the world, for your events in one place to change that place for the next group who passes through.

     What about the inclusive community? We know from experience that a lot of gamers suffer with physical, mental or social limitations. In many cases, the members of the Savage Mojo family are people suffering from these limitations. Whether it’s an illness or just being pressured by work and family commitments, we know the benefits of a safe, understanding environment to game in... because we are those people. Even if you're able-bodied, have no mental illness and have a great, well-rounded social environment then you've probably gamed with someone who isn't so fortunate. We invite you all to join us in celebrating the benefits of gaming.

     By signing up at savagemojo.com, you're automatically a part of the Legends Awaken initiative.  Get involved by being active on our forums, by contacting me at clyde@savagemojo.com, or reach out to us on our social media. I'll meet you there.


-Clyde, Suzerain Guide