Gayle Reick is your Den Mother - we mean, the Operations Manager here at Savage Mojo.  She’s a gamer - in fact, you could call her a true gamer because it really doesn't matter what it is, she’ll play it.  Her grandparents started it by teaching her obscure card games when she was little and in the process, she got hooked.  Are there game styles that are preferred?  Sure thing.

RPG’s taught her that there was a place that that weird girl with braces really did belong and along the way she learned about creating a world, acting and that being smart was okay.  Since her forays into Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager, she’s been happiest when working in the gaming industry, something she’s gotten to do a number of times.

From play testing on Champions for Hero Games she edited one of the early editions of Shaintar for Sean Patrick Fannon.  Other jobs in the industry include being a line producer for the Italian and German releases of Heroes of Might and Magic IV and Might and Magic IX and owning her own game store (All Ways Gaming) in California, which is still in business – if under different management.

Now she is thrilled because she gets to manage the day-to-day operations at Savage Mojo, making sure that artists are assigned to projects, schedules are met and that our commercial clients receive excellent service and high quality products that don’t just meet the exacting standards of the client, but also achieve the standards required by our Art Director, Alida Saxon and our publisher, Miles M. Kantir.