Art is a constant of Alida Saxon's life, but high school was also her first exposure to role playing games and it's incredible fuel to the imagination. Through friends in high school she learned about AD&D 2nd Edition, Gurps, Shadowrun, Vampire and more. She was hooked. Pouring through the pages of Dragon Magazine, she wanted to be just like those artists. Or an animator. Being a vet got ruled out pretty early - squeamish.
As it turned out she went into commercial art straight out of school. She'd been working as an assistant in her father's graphic arts studio since she was in her teens. Back when ads were still pieced together on board to be photographed and computers weren't yet in ever office, nevermind everyone's homes. Fantasy art remained a pursuit of her free time.
Work eventually brought computers into her hands. The internet followed, and one of those wonderful things about it was making contact with likeminded people. Interacting with various illustration groups and forums brought her into contact with Savage Mojo's first Art Director, Aaron Acevedo. She joined Savage Mojo in its early days as a freelance artist. Over the years she's been a colorist, illustrator and mapmaker for numerous projects both for Savage Mojo and clients in the wider community of gamers. Then the start of 2014 brought the exciting development of being asked to take on the role of Art Director.  We couldn't be more delighted to have her with us at the core of everything we do.
If you would have told Alida's younger self that she would work with talents from all over the world on a daily basis, creating visions of many worlds, she would have called it science fiction. Oh, and awesome.

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