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White Silver Wolves Report One

Lt. Kandar's Northern Olaran Report

Lt. Kandar

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Per orders, we had been gathering men in our own camp just south of Camp Wolfhaven. Preparations were completed by the 8th of Falling Ice 8th, 3126.

The company departed Camp Wolfhaven view the Tarnn road early on the 9th, and marched west until reaching Tarnn on the 13th. Camping outside the city.

Departing on the 14th, we turned north and reached the crossroads by the 17th. Camp west of Crossroads.

Departing on the 18th, we continued north, taking barracks at fort Bearheart.

Departing Bearheart on the 20th we turned west, following the Branosh road until the 21st, before turning south and west cross country. Weather poor, terrain soggy and snowed.

By the 27th, we reached the location of our base camp and established a perimeter. Dispatched pickets and videttes.

Single incident report. Videttes under command of PFC Drainar (dwarf) and PFC (Wanderkill) encountered and successfully repelled testing assault by forces of Darkness on or after the 13th hour of the 27th.

I and a fist of cavalry arrived in support and put to route they remaining enemy troops.

Special accommodation for Sarel for incapacitating and capturing an enemy combatant, a male werewolf.

Unit profile:
PFC Drainar (Command) (Dwarf)
PFC Wanderkill (XO) (Brinchie)
Sarel (Korindian)
Skoriss (Dregordian)


Edited: 18-Mar-2017

Adventures with Darkness

A Korindian's tale

3126, 28th of Falling Ice

With reflection, it’s becoming clear my line of work will continue to get steadily more difficult regarding skirmishes even if unintended with the denizens of darkness. Recruited into service within one of the newest extensions of the White Silver Wolves at the 8th of Falling Ice, I got to meet the stern, Captain Helt. A clan of decorated and wise warriors this did not surprise me, though the second in command Lieutenant Kander, admittedly a bit of a dandy from Galea striked me as callous to the soldiers. Tough love or detachment from high losses it was a task to ponder. In between long arduous treks from Tarnn to the crossroads and into Bearheart prior to passed the borders left little on gossip…barring apparently 101 ways to say butt plug; a peculiar lot.

Notified by the Lieutenant of whom I was assigned with, pride rarely affects my demeanor. Witnessing a few waving those mediocre Grayson Grey Rangers with immediate seniority in a mercenary company simply is irritating. A veteran sellsword has perhaps more experience as well as more versed thanks to the countless jobs they take and the competition faced all throughout. I suppose cannot hold the dwarf Drainor or Wanderkill the Brinchie with too much disregard. The Dregordian was a fascinating one..his name or language escapes me sadly…. Skorizzz.. Soriss… We venture farthest of the groups into enemy territory, engulfed in a forest. Luckily my talents in the Wilderness pulled off finely, building a fire that was as concealable as possible. The Dregordian complained about the cold…I argue being hidden was essential but it wasn’t my call.

Staking a claim for being less vulnerable, I headed upward on the trees where I settled for a decent lookout hidden in view and sleep safely. Slumber escaped a few hours in by the combination of wails perhaps of cats breeding and a feral beast. Being awaken with my eyes peering north indicated the Brinchie and Dregordian were out battling in all likelihood combatants from Shaya’nor. Stealth was the wise option for discretion, unable to really tell the state of those in the battle truth to be told. What however startled and broke my concentration where the appearance of two werewolves. Between mentally feinting them and parrying with my blades they left no scratches. I was growing to loathe these mutts, disemboweling one with my silver wooden blade carved by the Silvertree. The other was bludgeoning relentlessly into unconsciousness. It seemed appropriate in case the enemies hidden escape.

Though the signal made earlier by the spellcasting Drainor for reinforcements, more wolves sought me out likely for revenge. The multitude of my baneful battle with them involved fragments of my hair shredded off by dodging, narrowingly avoiding claws with little scratches adding up and strain in defending properly against them. One was larger than the numbers, potentially its leading Alpha like any canine pack. A flurry of lethal thrusts of my silvery blade plunged into them, pausing their advances slightly. My shoulder was clipped by its noxous claws, bleeding and in pain fueled with anger. Crying for assistance which wounded my pride but ensured living, the Dregordian who looked wounded appeared. It amazed me how much fighting prowess he possessed with his people’s polearm which shruck the numbers against me after myself forcing one back to the void.

Before seizing the opportunity to capture another, the accursed lizard slew the Alpha before I could capitalize on its weakened state prior to his arrival. Regardless one could not complain about living, the cavalry literally arrived with blood caking their lances. Before them was Lieutenant Kander. My own highlight excluding surviving was the bewilderment of having us capture a werewolf..most seeing them as just feral wolves standing upright. I wanted to dig the information out of him, but first it was double ration for a mission mostly successful.

By the Ascended and sod the void,

Sarel the Predator, Korindian warrior for hire and White Silver Wolf

White Silver Wolves Report Two

Driving in the pickets south of Crystal River

Lt. Kandar, commander 1st Platoon

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Over the course of the the month of First Hunt, platoons of 3rd and 4th company have engaged the enemy on no fewer than a dozen skirmishes through Olaran territory south of Branosh. Only two major engagements occurred.

The First clearing the Branosh-Bearheart road on the 13th of First Hunt. The Second, a late month engagement on the 27th of First Hunt, 3rd was called out to prevent forces of Shaya’Nor from turning out left flank east of Branosh. Both engagements ended in a successful outcome for the White Silver Wolves.

From our encampment jut south of the Branosh-Bearheart road, our company, 3rd, broke out by Platoon (4 platoons). First Platoon, 3rd Company, under my direct command further deployed by squad (2 squads) and were deployed in direct advance of the army, by half a day’s march with orders to assess and scout the enemy positions south of the Crystal River.

We departed camp Golden Eagle 10th and proceeded north-east toward the Olaran/Camon border. There, the bulk of our forces encamped after squads 1st and 2nd scouted the ruins of the Olaran fortifications. Second Squad, 1st Platoon, of 3rd Company, led by RFC Zathras (goblin), member of the Long Recon Team, assessed the terrain. The only report, scavengers and battle pickers had been using the former Olaran fortifications as a makeshift camp. They scattered at our approach.

Our way clear, we established our Forward Camp in the Olaran ruins. One note, Humble (Ogre) of 2nd squad, 1st Platoon indicated that most of the Olaran graves had been dug out, indicating that the fores of Shaya’Nor had prepared large defenses to our north.

On the following morning, 16th of Golden Eagle, I broke my entire platoon out into squads, with the two squads from 2nd Platoon joining to recon north of our position in preparation for the army. Note: 1st and 2nd squads, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company were under command of Sgt Ironreich of Stahlheim. He directly commanding 1st squad, 2nd under command of RFC Zathras.

The skirmish line passed the Camon defensive ruins without incident and proceeded forward. about four hours into the march, some 10 miles north of our base camp, with Sarel (Korindian) on point, 2nd squad, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company was ambushed by a warband of Hobgoblins.

The beasts rushed from the woods, engaging Humble (ogre), RFC Torik (goblin), and Sarel (korindian). RFC Zathras took up a rear position. As the battle raged, more enemies, namely Shayakar archers began to target the engaged Wolves. Surrounded and outflanked, RFC Torik managed to convince/intimidate the Troglanesh into retreat leaving only the Shayakar.

However, the force was far larger than first assessed. Soon, Torik and Sarel were badly wounded, Humble battered, but unbowed. RFC Zathras continued to command, supporting with magic while Torik, Huble, and Sarel engaged the Shakayar. Unfortunately, as they made headway, reinforcements arrived and began to engage the scouts with ballista from cover further to the north.

Too engaged, and overpowered, RFC Zathras gave the order to retreat. Sarel, ignoring the order, attempted to capture the enemy commander, but was, in turn, captured. Down man, the remaining scouts successfully retreated back to command base, arriving almost into the 13th hour on the 16th of Golden Eagle.

The following morning, lead elements of the main force arrives, supplemented by Cavaliers from the Black Company, Wolfhaven Free Riders, Stahlheim, Olara, and Galea.

I am also pleased to note that, per Colonel Wolfhaven’s orders, the following promotions were awarded:

RFC Zathras was promoted to Corporal
RFC Torik was commendated for bravery
Humble joined the Rangers as a full Ranger.

As I write this, late 16th, lead elements of the combined White Silver Wolves force have engaged the pickets of the army holding the Crystal river fords.

Unit profile:
Corporal Zathras (goblin, Command)
RFC Torik (goblin, XO)
Sarel (Korindian)
Ranger Humble (ogre)

Torik Kusuta Report

To scout command of the White Silver Wolves. A copy made for Ranger command, to be filed at a appropiate time.

After action scout report by Ranger 1st class Torik Kusuta. 15th-17th Golden Eagle 3126
2nd in command of Ranger Corporal Zathras scout unit, of the White Silver Wolves.

I was by ranger command ordered to join the White Silver Wolves mercenary company, that was gathered on the mustering fields west of Forgehome. At the 15th day of Golden Eagle we were ordered to march north into the outskirts of Camon lands. In typical army scout formation. I was assigned to a small unit of warriors, a Korindian looking fellow named Sarel, thou he was using metal knives as weapons. A Ogre named Humble, seemed a bit inexperienced, but there is always something about there presence that make me feel more secure.
And then Zathras a goblin like myself, but with higher seniority, so he was assigned leadership of out group.

Our first sighting of the dangers we were going to contend with, was some hours north of the road between Branosh and Bearheart. Where we came across Olaran fortifications, or to be more correct, the ruins of fortifications. Some great fight had been happening there, and scavengers was picking the place clean. Scattering as we moved in. In the area there was also a Camon fortification, quite possible been subject to even greater destruction. No sign of the attackers or defenders. Zathras believing bodies and equipment to be taken, to be used by our enemy.

Through the night, those of great strenght and crafting ability, repaired what they could of the Fortification. Camping somewhat spread out, as making it more difficult for an enemy to surround and slaughter us in the cover of darkness. But we were not disturbed this night.

16th day of Golden Eagle, Sergeant Ironreich a dwarf from Stahlheim, ordered our outfit to scout out a certain part of the country side towards the Crystal river. Spreading out the many units across the Camon lands, so we would increase our chances in finding the enemy forces.

Group leader Zathras ordered Sarel to take the lead, as he is a great and stealthy scout. While our ogre Humble walked in the back of the formation with the rest of us.
Some hours into the day we had followed a small road northward, we were ambushed by enemy forces. Close to a brook I assume is connected to the River Crystal.
A big group of corrupted goblinesh armed with great axes attacked us straight on, they had hid well. And as we engaged this foe, we were attacked from the behind by accursed Shayakar Nightguards.

Humble showed why Ogres have such a great reputation, charging straight into the enemies, taking there blows in stride, while dealing out hurt himself.
Zathras unleashed powerful spells on our enemies, that had attacked from our rear. The screams of nightguards filling the air with knowledge, that our time was not at a end.
Sarel as myself took cover to begin with, but stood up to the fight as he was charged by great axes wielding Hobgoblins.
Several blows, spells and arrows was exchanged, death and wounds spread out amongst us all. Thou thankfully we kept to our feet.
I was able to convice the Hobgoblin leader, that we were envoys for a great Goblinesh leader. Here to talk with the enemy armies leadership, to cement a alliance.
Incredible enough, they bought into this ruse, and left the field of battle.

That meant we only had to contend with the Nightguard. And the battle was hard fought, our leader Zathras expending all his magical energy and beyond, to keep casting spells at the enemy. I was pleasantly surprised that he also knew the powerful spell of the Legendary Hero Ash Battle Preparedness. Which gave us all the protection and speed, that gave us the upper hand.

Regretfully i must inform command that Sarel was captured by the enemy, as he attempted to capture the enemy leader. It seemed the leader was capable of great feats himself, and I belive corporal Zathras has placed a request for having the scout unit reinforced, and to be allowed to enter enemy territory, to track down and free Sarel from his imprisonment.
Our wounded state, and the addition the enemy bringing ballistae crewed by professionel marksmen onto the field, we were forced to retreat, so we could report our findings.

Humble the mighty was capable of capturing one of the Shayakar nightguards alive. And should be in custody of the White Silver Wolves. This in spite of the dangers of the Ballista. After this event, we were able to retreat to safer areas. And as we moved back to camp, we were met with somewhat depressing site, as most scout units had been hit hard.
But it did mean we got a fairly accurate picture of enemy movements, and it is my hope, that all this knowledge, will pave the way for a great campaign against darkness.

17th day of Golden Eagle, the day after our scout foray, we had been almost healed. 
We were greeted by Captain Helt, army command and scout command. Group leader Zathras was promoted to Corporal, even thou he objected claiming he was a failure, because of our loss of fighting brother Sarel. I believe it is very deserving, as he was fundamental for the units survival.
I was put up for recommendation by ranger command, but chances are that letter will disappear in the vast amounts of communiques a war generally generates.
Humble was given the honour of joining the ranks of the Grey Rangers, fully deserved in my estimation.

We were also honoured with the sight of the army, that was moving into camonere.
At least a 1000 troops of mixed types was gathering.
According to Corporal Zathras there were the following troops.

Darkness is like a heavy fog on the land. Dispelled by the bright and warm light of the sun.

Ranger 1st class
Torik Kusuta.

Sarel Report

{{ He exhausted and beaten hence much smaller report}}

Body battered, bleeding.. I do not recall where I am going, but the sensation of getting dragged across soil is fresh with the marks quickly enveloping my body. Fading between consciousness in between going to their base of operation in this region, I leave a report if it’s ever recovered. By the abyss, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go…hubrus ruining me in this occasion.

Golden Eagle 10th -

The 3rd and 4th company are marching north into Camon, bypassing the Northern Goblinesh Gather. Frequent stops were made in the area… and the occasional raids in the area. Eeery Quiet as suspected as we reached closer into Camon where the hordes of darkness have laid claimed despite best efforts to suppress.

15th -16 th Golden Eagle 3126 Early Morning of 16th

Defensive fortifications were practically shattered, the area is barely on hold. Ominous feeling..the dread of darkness as akin to them. Pulling up near the Olaran fortification up ahead with other fellow scouts. Fewer bodies than expected but that be the nature of Darkness. Camonere defenses looked meager…a folly for the design they favor instead of durability. 0500 hours…again another ranger is decided to be in command, my own capabilities again being demeaned by them. Though some feint of a company…masking their favoritism would be better versus this slight to the actual mercenaries of merit with more field Fortifications ahead looked demolished. Even the Ogre Humble suggesting I belonged to them..digged deeper into my core, uncharacteristic…probably something to contain harder in the future.

16th of Golden Eagle Afternoon

Sent north following with Sergeant Ironreich, our scouts spot someone in the horizon near the bushes . Troglanesh appear before us, the rest surrounding the newcomer Humble with one leaping forward passed the boulder of cover, carving into my body with a Great Axe. I recovered with some bruises, with the Ogre usefulness demonstrated by a volley of axe slashes and arrows from the south striking for them. The CO Zathras, clearly underestimated by ally and foe alike unleashes his own volleys of condensed essence into multiple Shayakar whom arrived. Torik despite distress and the numbers they wielded…..deserves more respect than most. This one armed goblin negotiated the Troglanesh to leave the area…perhaps though unknown with my current condition…might have allowed them to escape.

Flowing with intense anger and the magic of Zathras, I unleashed one of my rare bottles of explosive consequences… higher quality with shrapnel of white silver which only a few are willing for the price it entailed. Half of the Shayakar close by were shredded immediately, the rest taking no liking to my tactics. Blades and arrows weakened me..but I would not relent in the pressure. I would get the commander. Ignoring my surroundings barring more shayakar killed by the magi…I reached him. Feinting him then slashing…they were not meant to be. All I can recall was the blow to the head to counter my attack….soon leaving the battlefield. If I do not ever give out another report..know I have no regrets. I took as many denizens of darkness, flame, and true evil even if it compromised my soul.

With Regards,

Sarel the Predator

White Silver Wolves Report Three

Retaking Crystal River

Captain Avaron, White Silver Wolves 4th Company

Southern bank of Crystal River, east of the Sog fork.
Reporting to Colonel Wolfhaven
Echer'Naught, Olara
Planting Moons 12th, 3126
Per orders, my forces, sans my command element, departed our encampment a two miles north of the Olaran/Camon border, north-west of Bearheart. Third Company, under command of Captain Helt marched north to support operations along the center line between our position and Purity. Allied forces also made an attack through the mountains to attack the heavily defended Purity Bridgeheads.
My Fourth Company departed White Silver Wolves base camp on the morning of Golden Eagle 32nd, 3126 in the company of elements of Black Company Cavaliers, Wolfhaven Free Company of Riders, The Golden Gryphons, The Riders of the Light, and former levies of House Tyrene making our march north and west in the general direction of Sog. We marched for four days without incident, encamping on the 2nd of Planting Moons within a few days march of the River. Having met no significant resistance, but having reports of heavy enemy presence, here we broke out skirmish squads and advanced in line of battle.
What follows is a summary of the reports of the Battle Brothers of 1st Squad (20; Sgt Jager), 3rd Platoon (50; Lt. Hess), 4th Company (200; Captain Avaron).
Rika (command, promoted after action to Corporal
Heinrich (Human, Olaran)
Rhovelus (Alakar)
Hazel (Eldakar)
Prince (Korindian)
Ithil (Korindian)
Ack'Te (Brinchie)
Blacktooth (Brinchie)
Breaking out by Platoon, then squad, the Battle Brothers of 1st Squad moved north, spied a small vill at night in an area believed to be devoid of all life. On the morning of the 3rd of Planting Moons, the team scouted the vill, one Clairière d'ombre (per maps). Strange that such a remote community survived the successive purges of the Church of Archanon, Builders, then Shaya'Nor. Nevertheless, Hazel and Heinrich approached the vill to treat with the inhabitants. The local behavior was described as "odd". Seeing heavily armed mercenaries emerge from the wood elicited little more than sullen resignation.
After an initial failed introduction, a local headman, older gent, was produced. He proceeded to immediately surrender the town. When the Wolves attempted to form a relationship with the community, the head man refused any and all assistance, asking only that we depart as soon as possible. He was, however, completely forthcoming, informing the team that Vainar's spawn had inhabited the vill until a month prior before retreating north (likely to secure the bridge crossings from our advance).
Gaining nothing more from the locals, the team complied, and skirted the town heading north. On the following day, Planting Moons 4th, 3126, the battle brother's forward scouts encountered a forest infested with hordes of shambling zombie corpses. Leaving the lead scout (Ach'Te) to maintain observance, the second scout  (Hazel) dropped back to report to Rika. However, upon Rika's advance to forward position, she mistakenly misstep attracting the attention of the nearest horde. They immediately attacked.
Rika, Ach'Te, and Hazel held the line against the onrushing hordes while the rest of the team, just behind a ridge, rushed to support. By the time reinforcements arrived, the trio was nearly overrun. Heinrich held back, supporting with ranged, while the rest of the team quickly formed into a line of battle to stem the undead tide. DWARF, the last to arrive, was about to join the line when a Corrupted Tree burst from the woods to his left and immediately attacked.
DWARF held the rear, while the others handled the zombies. The line seemed to hold, but the Corrupted Tree managed to ensnare the entire team, save the Brinchie, in a thick web of ichorus roots. One by one they broke or slipped free, though DWARF and Hazel took few bad hits before freeing themselves. Even so, the Wolves managed to thin the herd. DWARF finally cutting down the Corrupted Tree with his issued "White Silver Chopping Axe" from the "Wolfpack" issued to every White Silver Wolf scouting party. With the flanks secured, the Wolves shifted the line left, slowly enveloping the zombie line. Within minutes, it was over. A few of the party were injured, but none critically.
Rika moved the party to a relatively secure location to heal and recoup. Once rested, the team continued moving north toward their primary location. Therein, camping again that night, the 4th. Early the falling morning on the 5th of Planting Moons, the team awoke to find the army of Shaya'Nor very nearly encircling their position. Following orders, Rika dispatched the Brinchie to report, ensuring that the information would reach our ears while the rest of the team attempted to evade the advancing enemy force.
Not three hundred yards south, the Brinchie Ach'Te and Blacktooth spied a second force encamped on a nearby ridge behind a makeshift chevaux de frise lined rathe topped by a paling of fresh hewn logs. Pausing out of duty, and curiosity, the Brinchie watched as the newcomers rained arrow and stone down upon the western flank of the encircling Shaya'Nor army. Perceiving a potential ally, the scouts approached the ringfort to find it manned by goblinesh. Due primarily to his dark coloring, Blacktooth was mistook for a werewolf, but Ach'Te was able to communicate with the orcs manning the wall and negotiated entry.
Meanwhile, Rika and the remainder of the scouts fought their way free for the lead elements of the pursuing force. They too cleared the woods to find a large force of Orcs and Ogres rushing to meet them. The goblinesh died to allow the scouts to make the ramparts just before the first wave of dark creatures threw themselves upon the warband. Despite their ferocity, the forward runners of Vainar were unable to breach the goblinesh's stout defense, so they withdrew to reform and assault under cover of night.
Rika successfully negotiated a battlefield truce with the goblinesh, and in turn, agree to scout out enemy positions, but the warband leader demanded that Ach'Te remain. Instead, Rika negotiated leaving a less swift member of her team. They settled on Prince, and the Wolves were out again. While on patrols DWARF encountered another scout, this from the local populace. He pledge his peace and requested to speak with Rika. He claimed this name was Alain and that he was a scout for a local keep of Camonere that had managed to survive the shadow of Darkness. He implored the scouts to come to his commander and negotiate an alliance to rid the land of Darkness. 
Suspicious of his intent, and his appearance, Rika demurred and rightly claimed that she must first rescue her man from the goblinesh. The scout warned that she could not trust the goblinesh, that they were not as they appeared. Troubled, the Wolf scouts returned to camp to find another stranger in the grasp of the troglanesh. It appeared that THIS stranger was known to the warband, a merchant and arms dealer. He asked to speak with Rika and, in private, confirmed that these were NOT goblinesh, but Witchmarked Troglanesh and servants of the Blood Witch. He also warned that there were forces of the Church of Archanon in the area that sought to destroy the Wolves, the Witchmarked, AND Shaya'Nor's forces. He offered another option. 
He represented a third faction that would ally with the Wolves for the promise of amity, and spoils of war, namely the bodies after battle and any arcfire recovered from enemy stashes. The merchant warned Rika that the offer had a time limit, as the situation was perilous. Once alone, Rika briefed her team. Some, such as Ach'Te suggested the safety of the nearby keep. Others, like Ithil struggled to make sense of the forces at play. 
As best as the scouts could understand, the warband represented the Witchmarked of the Blood Witch who were unknown enemies of allies of Vainar. They had defended themselves against attack, but it is possible that was by accident, or design. As for the keep, the scout Alain was most certainly a Paladin at the very least. Entering a keep of the Church would be a death sentence for all but the two humans, Rika and Heinrich, regardless of the scout's words. And the third, the merchant reeked of Red Store, though likely what he appeared to be, a merchant and broker. The shadow group of his representation seemed likely to be a sect of the Deniers of Death, but nothing could be certain. All they knew was that without some help, they could never escape the forces of Vainar.
After discussion, Rika determined that they would take the Merchant's offer. Despite his associations, he was the ONLY party that was not bound by fanaticism. The Deal struck, they remained with the Witchmarked, heading back toward this forward base. One day out, the Merchant approached them under cover of night. He provided Invisibility potions for all, before leading them away from the camp just as the Witchmarked turned on them and tossed their bedrolls intent on murder. Before the Witchmarked had the chance to sniff them out, something attack the camp. 
By all accounts it appeared to be a massive Builder Golem, but one oozing with vile corruption. Deniers. Now they were sure, but the plan was in motion and the Merchant their only hope. So, they followed blindly as he led them away from the skirmish. 
When I saw them, it was on the 7th of Planting Moons, 3126. I was alerted to their arrival and moments later, a tired and bloody Rika appeared alongside a well dressed and pristine gentleman. Rika explained the situation and the field truce and pact she had been forced to make. I was in an difficult position. My first instinct was to have the man arrested and interrogated immediately. However, something held me back.
Clearly this man, and those he represented, had power in the region, and knew more than we. To invite their wrath might spell doom for our mission, and my command. So, I compromised. No official contract was signed. However, I did command my forces not to engage whichever forces the Merchant indicated. Furthermore, we had no need for enemy dead. Our own, I refused to surrender. He agreed. Lastly, as the arcfire. I know the orders. But, I have elected, for the time being, to hold to his terms on that score. I know that the Deniers are vile and will turn on us, but if they can weaken the enemy, then so much the easier to destroy them later.
Our fates intertwined, I promoted Rika to Corporal and her choice, Heinrich, to Private First Class.After dispatching the Scouts to rest and heal, I questioned the Merchant as to the nature of the enemy army. He was shockingly well informed. With his intelligence, we positioned our army to catch the army of Darkness before they were in full line of battle the following night. They knew not what hit them. The battle raged from the eve of the 8th of Planting Moons into the dawn of the 9th. Shortly after the 13th hour, at the height of the fighting, our western flank was surprised to see towering war machines, covered in black ichor, firing arcfire into the dumbfounded Shayakar forces. Behind the death machines ran ghouls and zombies with arcfire implants ripping through the corrupted flesh of the ghouls and zombies of Vainar's slaves.
I adjusted, pulling my men away from conflagration, instead pressing the eastern flank. Caught between the two forces, the Shaya'Nor army broke. We chased them north for three days, skirmishig on occaision. Always were we shadowed to the west. Interestingly, the Witchmarked trogs were also on the western flank, allies of Shaya'Nor, I know not. They were smashed by the Deniers. I, in my turn, dispatched a force to reduce the Prelacy keep on our eastern flank.
As distasteful as the arrangement has been, the Deniers have upheld their end of the agreement and provided terrifying in battle. Alone, I doubt either of our forces could have achieved such a victory. By afternoon on the 11th of Planting Moons, 3126 all enemy forces between my army and the river had been dispatched. I now hold the southern end of a large crossing with an entrenched army of Darkness glowering at me from the opposite bank. Our "allies" the Denies have departed, without ever coming close enough to our lines to exchange so much as a word.
We are in position. I await news of the other assaults.
Captain Avaron

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