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The Wanderers are a disparate group of adventurers drawn from the high-magic realms of Golarion, Greyhawk, Nirn and Toril (Faerun). They are the latest victims to be drawn into the Lich Queen's machine.



  • Landril - grey elf wizard. Quick to point out that magic from the lesser realms is but the faintest whisper compared to the spells at this command, drawn from the original creators (Leomund, Mordenkainen, Tasha, etc.).
  • Lord James Leopold Verney - human summoner. Never has to sully his hands on anything, as his large, faceless eidolon ("Slave") handles everything.
  • Dariel Amistacia - elven ninja/shadowdancer. Lost his brother early on at the tiny hands of kobolds, and now silently vents his wrath from the shadows.
  • Knight-Paladin Rosie - aasimar paladin of Aakatosh. Rushes in with her wings of flying to smite any evil and heal her allies.
  • Mort - orc sorceror. Usually shapechanges into a dragon or other form and wades into battle.
  • Jadet - oread Inquisitor. As an advocate of a traveler god, she finds exploring new worlds fascinating as long as she can stay on solid ground.



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