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Active Players:

Aaron - Deadlands Human Preacher

Alvin – Victor, Weird War II Stitch

Bill – Modern Human Thief

Brent – Nietros Oxide, Slipstream Human Weird Scientist

Dan – Jericho, Post-apocalypse survivor

David – Saul, Rakashan Burglar (extra XP from Shaintar)

Jon B – Captain Crabtree, Sci-fi Human Space Sniper

Kris – Dolphina, Fantasy Human Scrivener Monk

LJ – Tark, Relic Fury Emissary

Trent – Kid

Zack – Avox, Cat-like Construct


Alternate and Inactive Players:

Alex – Sci-fi Bounty Hunter

Alyssa - Natasha Featherpaw

Chris – Relic Dwarf Tough

Gabe – Mole Man

Heather - ???

Joe – Modern Human Soldier

John – Misha, Demonspawn

John K – ???

Lan – 1950s Human Thief

Mike - ???

Steph – Fantasy Elf Sorceress

Trevor – Deadlands Huckster

Van – Fantasy Human Necromancer


Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Episode 1: The Moscow Connection (Core Modern)

Episode 2a: Getting Out of Dodge (Noir Knights)

Episode 2b: Intro Adventure (Shaintar)

Episode 3: Rock in a Millpond (Caladon Falls)

Episode 4: Sigma Hydrae II (Leviathan) (The Last Parsec)

Episode 5: The Fires of Ascalon: The Sequel (Core Fantasy)

Episode 6: Recovery of the Key (Pirates of the Spanish Main)

Episode 7a: Intro Adventure (50 Fathoms)

Episode 7b: Retrieve the Life Rune (Zombie Apocalypse)

Episode 8: Lands of Corruption (Van Helsing-style Fantasy)

Episode 9a: King’s Double-cross (Core Fantasy)

Episode 9b: Dirty Bomb (Core Modern)

Episode 10: Scare Crow (Deadlands)

Episode 11: Ready! Set! Gold! (Dogs of Hades)

Episode 12: Seekers of Light (Slipstream)

Episode 13: Fear Death (Weird War II)

Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Episode 14: Mutant Hunt (Wilderlands)

     From the stark emptiness off the Nexus Sanctuary, the adventurers arrived in the Wilderlands. A warm summer breeze whistled through the pines as the group strode down the mountain path. While the wind was a pleasant reminder of normalcy, it brought along an acrid odor. It wasnt directly harmful, but certainly unwelcome bearer of ill omen. At least the sound of a nearby stream signaled that fresh water might be available. Sera marveled at the open sky and sounds of nature. Her youthful wonder coming to the forefront, pushing aside the burden of godhood that seemed to weigh heavily on her. For a moment, she was just a twelve year old girl taking a nature hike. The others seemed to take stock in the situation, as well; pondering about what god-forsaken lands the Queen had forced them into this time. Except for Dolphina. The usually daydreaming warrior-monk held Seras hand as they strolled down the mountain. Looking back the way they came, she noticed the footprints in the dirt. Where the young girls bare feet had been, a fresh set of grass and flowers sprung forth.

     Approaching the foothills, the group could see a small village laid out before them. A makeshift palisade of sharpened stakes surrounded some twenty to thirty ramshackle buildings of various sizes. Beyond the protective barrier, dozens of figures toiled in cleared fields of farmland while others stood guard near gaps in the fence. Tark and Captain Crabtree led the way while Avox and Jericho scouted through the forest. The remainder of the troupe stayed a safe distance away.

     When the villagers finally noticed the emissaries, the alarm bell in the center of town rang out and guards summoned to assess the situation. What became immediately apparent to Tark was the sorry state of the villagers. Most of the poor souls appeared to be missing limbs and looked to suffer from multiple maladies. The guards seemed to be the only ones stout enough to wield a long spear while the farmers awkwardly worked the fields with their twisted bodies.

     Tark informed the guards of their honorable intentions and when the village elders arrived, the mood changed from one of suspicion to that of reverence. The villagers whispered of “Ancient Ones” and were clearly in awe of the newcomers’ lack of deformity. Capt. Crabtree beckoned the rest to join as the village elder spoke of a feast for the honored guests. Although, looking at the sickly crops being cultivated, the group was unsure how appetizing the meal might be.

     Capt Crabtree remembered the “gifts” that Tera, Trinity’s Matron, had mentioned bestowing on the group as they left the Nexus Prison. Reaching out, he instinctively held his hands above the ground where a farmer had been tilling and pushed out just a hint of Pulse from his fingertips. He could feel the energy rain down on the bare spot of soil and immediately the stunted stalks of corn leapt up to meet his hand. “Cool!”

     Without a word, Sera was in the middle of a fallow field, her footprints still leaving a trail of green. She held her hands outstretched and everyone could feel the surge of Pulse in the air. Ten yards in all directions around her the ground turned a deep black. The organic smell of compost filled the air. Blight fell from the failing crops as they shed any sign of disease. Finally, just as they had witnessed a few moments before, the plants grew in a spectacular fashion. Capt Crabtree felt a little upstaged. “Showoff,” he muttered.

     It was at that moment that all gazes fell upon Sera. Even she could sense it and tried to hide behind Dolphina’s coattails. Several villagers threw themselves to the ground shouting “It’s Her!” “It’s the Maiden!” “Trinity be praised!” while others whispered “It’s the prophecy.” “She and her guardians have returned!” It was a mix of awe, reverence, and spectacle as the Elder led the way to the center of town followed closely by the adventurers surrounding Sera protectively with a parade of onlookers streaming behind.

     Inside the largest building in the village, there was a long table with a set of three large chairs on what would best be described as a stage at the end of the room. It looked like the place served as mead hall, town hall, theater, and church and possibly all at the same time. The elder offered Sera the place of honor, and she instinctively sat in the chair on the left. Her feet dangled as she tried to appear regal on the edge of her seat. She scowled at anyone who attempted to sit in the other two chairs and politely noted “those are for my sisters, please.”

     As the villagers prepared for the feast that evening, Nietros wandered around the village looking for any useful gadgets. In addition to finding the freshwater stream running through town and the cesspool it drained into near the pasture, he noted the high levels of toxins and radiation in the area. The six-legged bovines grazing nearby were also a bit of a shock. Even stranger to the Streamer was the wheeled vehicle rusting near the fence. It looked to have a primitive internal combustion engine to power what were once rubberized tires. The rear of the contraption was simply a flat sheet of metal presumably to haul cargoes of some kind. The engineering of those outside the Slipstream never made much sense to him.

     Meanwhile, Tark paid a visit to the village infirmary. He hoped to relieve these poor folk from any suffering. He used his gift from the Queen to heal those that he could, but it appeared that the villagers were born with whatever deformities which were universal among them. “Born” was perhaps not the right word because on closer inspection, through all of their misshapen faces, the adventurers began to notice a pattern. What were initially thought to be distinct individuals started to have familiarity. Not just what one would expect from families, but many of the villagers appeared to be exact duplicates of each other. Sure, one was missing an arm while another had no legs, but facial structures were exact copies. Even more so than twins, triplets, or quints. There were over one hundred villagers with less than twenty templates. Tark, Victor, and Dolphina dismissed this as identical siblings, but the others used a different word to describe the phenomenon: clones. Another question lingered in the back of the adventurer’s minds… why were there no children? In fact, there was no one under the apparent age of twenty in town.

     As dusk approached, the clang of the dinner bell rang out and all gathered for the shared bounty. The elder began with a prayer to the Holy Trinity and made the ritual offering to her three aspects: the Maiden, the Matron, and the Crone. Sera graciously accepted on their behalf. A quick scan from Nietros’ Geiger counter revealed that the meager meals were very much contaminated. With some surreptitious use of the group’s cleansing gift, they managed to clean the food for the villagers before it was consumed.

     After the feast, casks of crude alcohol were set flow. The elder spoke of the annual bison hunt which was commencing the next day. The villagers told tales of the previous years’ hunts, paying tribute to those they had lost, injuries sustained, but honor gained. Without hesitation, the adventurers announced their support and offered to take part in the ritual hunt which would help feed the village throughout the winter.

     The next day Tark, Jericho, Capt Crabtree, and Victor headed east with twelve villagers for the trek to the hunting grounds. The two day journey passed uneventfully and they setup camp near a bend in a river which provided a natural bottleneck for the thundering herd that was sure to come. However, that night their sleep was disturbed by a freak storm which rolled in from the north. Sickly green, rainless clouds discharged lightning nearby while unnatural winds whipped up their crude encampment. The village hunters spoke of bad omens after the tempest passed and everyone struggled to get some much needed rest. Nietros, Avox, and Sera stayed behind and set about salvaging the old pickup truck. In place of wheels, the mechanical wizard retooled his four magnetic clamps to act as a magnetic levitation system. For propulsion, Avox sacrificed his rocket pack which was mounted to the rear bumper. To power it all, Nietros rigged the crystal drive stolen from the Athenians to absorb and convert the abundant, ambient radioactivity. Although it drained fairly quickly, the makeshift atomic reactor was reliable enough for regular use. A quick test drive later and the three agree to set off in the morning to join their friends.

     As the sun rose and the hunters awoke from their fitful sleep, all focused their senses towards the north across the river. The mutant bison passed this way every summer sensing the change in season and searching for greener pastures.

     Capt Crabtree set himself up in a tree with his high-caliber hunting rifle. Victor stayed on the ground, but did likewise while the rest, armed with spears and bows, flanked the section of the river where the beasts were likely to cross. It didn’t take long for the low rumble of hooves and the accompanying cloud of dust to be noticed by all.

     Looking through his scope, Capt Crabtree surveyed the front line of the herd. There were bison with six legs, others with two heads, some sporting racks of horns like elk or moose. All were plunging headlong towards the river at full speed with a gigantic specimen of a bison leading the charge. Crabtree grinned and locked his rifle’s crosshairs on the big one. “There’s always an alpha.” He exhaled calmly in his perch with the target just coming into range. Squeezing the trigger released the round towards several tons of rampaging beast. In the blink of an eye, the round struck home. The bison leader tumbled uncontrollably only to be trampled by those who a moment before would have followed him to the ends of the earth. Crabtree smirked and took a congratulatory swig from his flask. “That’s how it’s done.”

     As the herd approached the river, above the din of the hooves rose a peculiar noise from the west. Part whoosh, part screech, Victor turned and saw the pickup truck floating just above the ground with flame shooting from behind. They watched as Nietros maneuvered the vehicle across the water with Sera gleefully sticking her head out the passenger window shouting “Faster, Nietros, faster!” Avox’s unnatural feline body stood implacably in the bed of the truck looking out over the cab.

     The river bend did its job of guiding the bison towards the awaiting meat grinder. The hunters were poised on the banks as the animals slowly emerged from the water. Tark demonstrated his lack of hunting prowess by standing directly in the beasts’ path, but was quickly clued in before any damage done. The day’s tally of over a dozen kills was the most the village had seen in years. Not a scrap of meat or hide went to waste as they loaded Nietros’ transport and hefted the rest onto litters for the trip back home.

Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Episode 15: Blood in the Snow (Viking adventure from Savage Core)

Episode 16: Storm Rider Attack! (Wilderlands)

     More chores in the village, feasting, and butchering (and cleansing!) the beasts from the hunt.

     Kids are getting bored. IDK says “let’s play a game!” Sera readily agrees. Victor vaguely remembers a game where you can’t use your hands called football. Finds leather to make a soccer ball.

     Eventually, IDK and Sera recruit the whole town to join in a game of soccer out in one of the fallow fields outside the village walls. IDK and Sera pick teams and Capt Crabtree is chosen as referee and scorekeeper. Down 2-0 in the second half, another goal is about to be scored (and the goalie tackled by an overzealous kitty) when Capt Crabtree shoots the ball out of the air. At the same moment, an arrow, crackling with electrical energy hits the ground at midfield drawing Pulse from Victor and Misha.


     The roving bandits calling themselves the Storm Riders ride in to plunder the village, but are repelled by Sera’s the village, but are repelled by Sera’s champions. 

Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Episode 17: All in a Dream (Fey Realm of Dreams/Mechadia)

     Wake up in a poppy field. Victor oozes up from the ground. Sera is there, but after realizing where she is, transforms into an 20 year old young woman. Victor sees himself as the model Aryan rather than a stitch.
A sprite flitters by and plays upon IDK’s delusion of his brother and gives chase to the glamour. Victor and Jason pursue while Jason notices the mischievous sprite is the cause of the trouble. Sera warns them not to stray too far, lest they become lost.
     Fork in the road with Tera waiting for them. To the north lies their cottage and to the east is the road to Mechadia. The PCs agree to accompany Tera and Sera to their cottage to the north. Once there, they see a thin line of smoke coming from the chimney, several mechanical farm implements near the stone wall and a corn dog on guard. After some initial hesitation, they discover that the cottage is now occupied by an older fey couple who are refugees from Mechadia. Vik, the inventor husband and his Agritecturing wife, Penelope have been fixing up the broken down cottage. The couple immediately recognizes Sera and Tera’s nobility and welcomes them inside. After some tea and cookies, the adventurer’s come to find out that Vic and Penelope were run out of their village of Cog Hill after the other villagers started acting strangely. Curios and jewelry with lightning symbols began to crop up all over town. Penelope started to discover the secret that the Tempest was taking over, but were chased out of town before they could reveal the secret to everyone.
The champion’s agreed to help free the town before daybreak and set off down the road that leads to Mechadia. As they approached the bridge over the petrol river, the PCs see the landscape change from lush vegetation to metallic clockwork. Waiting on the bridge, guarding the entrance to Mechadia are two large clockwork mechs and a trio of sprite watchmen, and a stern-looking Gremian. Jason Muldoon attempts to sneak up on them, but is spotted. A quick attempt at trickery fails when the catlike Saul pounces on the small fey. The sprite squirms away and manages to sound the alarm. The mechs attack. Saul and Victor manage to keep Spritemech Alpha busy while Jason takes potshots at the Gremian boss hiding behind Spritemech Double Dibble. The lightning runes etched into the mechs reveal that they’ve been corrupted by the Tempest. Eventually, Saul destroys Alpha and Victor’s bullets ring home into the Gremian leader. Upon examination, the Gremian is revealed as an agent of the Tempest and Spritemech Double Dibble returns to his previous guardian programming. A quick trip to Cog Hill reveals the influence of the Tempest has left now that the agent has been neutralized. The adventurers wake up from their “dream.”

Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Episode 18: Clone Home (Wilderlands)

     Wake up in a gown, strapped to a metal examination table. None of their possessions are present. Nor are IDK and Sera. Tark manages to free an arm. Scientist/Technician arrives and starts taking readings. Cut to Sera/IDK. IDK helps calm Sera down and they play a little game of “I spy.” They are met by a technician of their own who seems in awe of seeing children and is almost reverent and amused at their behavior.

     Eventually, an elder is summoned with his guards and the group notices that their captors are all clones with names like Don-14, Ray-23, and Regina-37. The number seeming to indicate the generation and batch of the particular clone. Also, the clones are perfect versions of the villagers they’ve been helping.
While the group is a bit upset at being held captive, the elder attempts to explain that it is for their own good. They must be decontaminated and examined before they are allowed to speak with the Elder Council. Avox, the construct has a metal headband which seems to be inhibiting his summoning ability. Likewise, in the other room, Sera wears a similar headpiece.
Saul is insistent to escape and manages to briefly free himself until the scientist activates his computer tablet and Saul is forced back down on the examination table by four times the force of gravity. However, this action does cause a noticeable flicker to the lights in the room. Nietros attempts to reason with the scientist that what they are doing is wrong, but he does not seem to listen. He is excited by the prospect of gaining additional genetic material for the Ark to use and “reproduce.”
     Eventually, they figure out that if they all work against their restraints at the same time and the technician activates all of the beds, it will overload the power system. So, they do just that. It strains them a bit, but they’re all free to subdue the tech and the guards.
Nietros hacks into the technician’s tablet and discovers the deckplans to the Arkship “Second Chance.” He is able to determine that there are six decks: Command, Crew Quarters, Science, Factory, Engineering, Cargo & Shuttlebay. Exploring the rest of the Science deck, they find Sera and IDK in another exam room and their possessions in various states of disassembly in other labs. The entire deck
is kept in pristine condition and there are lockers with spacesuits and survival gear in the “lobby” area with the elevators to other decks.
     They decide to head to the Engineering deck as Nietros’ crystal drive is still missing. When they take the elevators down the car is flooded with nerve gas, but only IDK and Saul succumb to its effects. The doors open to the engineering deck and the group is met by clone guards with stun staves attempting to knock the adventurer’s unconscious. Sera is knocked out and Tark retaliates. Jason pushes past the stunned guards, finds cover and pulls out his pistol.
After all the guards are subdued, they notice the grime on the floors, scratch marks on the walls. Nietros tunes his handheld sensor and detects that the crystal drive is in the aft portion of the ship near a source of radiation. Heading into the reactor room, Nietros finds two engineers attempting to “install” the crystal drive into the reactor core. Nietros blasts them with his cryo-sprayer, and the entire ship goes dark… 

Clyde, Suzerain Guide, Savage Mojo

Thanks for posting this for me, Clyde!

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