It has been a long time since we posted anything in the forums here. with Facebook and Google+, forums don't get used as much as they used to!

That said, there are certain items which make for useful resources in forums. An FAQ for our latest setting seems like the right kind of thing.

Q: What is Nocturne?

Nocturne is a setting book for the Suzerain Continuum, focusing on the realm of Nightfall.

Q: Okay, what's Nightfall?

The Nightfall is an event, the collision of the realms of Darkshire and Bloodstone, the smashing-together of gothic horror and dark fantasy with a few unexpected side effects. The result is a new realm (Nightfall) which has six lands linked by a system of spirit pathways called the Weave.

Q: Why make six lands?

The six lands each represent a different aspect of dark, gothic storytelling. Durnham, for instance, is a classic dark fantasy realm of shadows, while La Luna tells the tragic story of enemies who become lovers, only to have the land reset and make them enemies again. Sombria has all the gothic tropes of vampires and Frankensteinian (is that even a word?) monster-makers. The Churn is an endless ocean of sea monsters and pirates in nautilus submarines. Then there are two lands which are drawn in from other realms by the cosmic force of the Nightfall event.

Q: Don't stop there - what about those two other lands?

The first is the Fallen Land, torn from an angelic realm but now tained by the Nightfall. The other is Amenthes, a corner of the Egyptian underworld sucked into the Nightfall realm along with the god-kind Imehoten.

Q: This is a roleplay book?

Right. Nocturne's a setting book for the 13th Age roleplay rules system. As such we've focuesed on giving GMs and players as much flexibility as possible in creating the right gothic horror setting for your group. Tragic and gritty or light-hearted, it's up to you. More gothic and steampunky, or more magical and dark fantasy? Again, you choose.

Q: Is there a story to the setting?

There's a full campaign, no less. The campaign charts what happens from the Nightfall event to the death of the [REMOVED TO PREVENT SPOILERS!]. We feel like the campaign will give many (many) moments where your gaming groups says, "Remember that time when...". Still, if you want to use the setting to tell your own story, that's fine too. We include a vast toolkit for GMs: Twenty side quests you can put together in any order as single sessions or mini-campaigns, dozens of monster and NPC stats, detailed background notes on the key players in the realm, and more besides.

Q: The 13th Age thing seems weird. Savage Mojo isn't known for working in that rules system.

That isn't technically a question, but yes. Nocturne was originally an abandonned Kickstarter and Savage Mojo agreed to resurrect it (appropriate for a gothic setting!). We're doing the 13th Age version for the backers and hope that we make some new friends in the 13th Age community along the way. None of this would have been possible without a fantastic group of talented, veteran 13th Age gurus who agreed to volunteer their time to help make the best rules and the best 13th Age setting possible.

Q: Soooo... no Savage Worlds version?

We'll let our Savage fans decide. After we've delivered to the long-suffering 13th Age fans we're planning a Kickstarter of our own, to create a Savage Worlds version. The material would be perfect for SW. Plenty of Fast! Furious! Fun! to be had in the Nightfall realm. That said, if there isn't any interest then we'll know from the Kickstarter's response. Honestly, if you'd like to help get the word out (about either version) then please drop us a line using our email address or via our Facebook or Google+ page.


Edited: 18-Jun-2016