The Suzerain core book is about to come out of development and go to Richard for editing. We are all very excited about this one, and all the future works that will rely on it. 

One question that comes up immediately from those familair with the Savage Worlds version is "how do the ranks and attendant abilities translate into Pathfinder?" 

Well, here is the pre-edit version of exactly that! As you will see, being touched by the gods has it's advantages. Of course your opposite numbers have these abilties as well...

Advancement and Suzerain Ranks

Advancement works exactly as it does in Pathfinder, but is divided into ranks as shown in the table below. As your hero advances in rank he will gain additional benefits beginning at second level. :

Level Rank Benefits
1 Novice None
2-3 Seasoned Bonus feat, +1 to an Ability Score, 3 Hero Points
4-5 Veteran Bonus feat, +1 to an Ability Score
6-7 Heroic

Bonus feat, +1 to an Ability Score, 4 Hero Points, +1 to Saves, double natural healing rate

8-9 Legendary

Bonus feat, +1 to an Ability Score

10+ Demigod

Pulse Pool, 2 bonus Pulse Feats, +2 to an Ability Score, access to Nexus Flexing, 5 Hero Points, +2 to Saves, triple natural healing rate.

We recommend retiring your characters at 20th level to become the founding gods of a whole new pantheon, perhaps even to be venerated by or become patrons to your group’s next characters. It gives a nice sense of legacy, carrying on your old man’s mantle and all that.

Edited: 06-Mar-2015