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Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm not really sure. Is Untamed Empires a book unto itself? If it is, where can I find it? Is it a defunct setting?



Please see in the old Wiki - should answer all your questions.



Thanks for jumping in there and explaining, Hense.

Yes, Untamed Empires is a realm of Suzerain, and we published various books in the setting under our old Mojo Rules! system. Those aren't available any more, but you'll see Untamed Empires adventures turning up every now and again in other content - there's one encounter in Palace of the Lich Queen for instance (click here and here for that book in Pathfinder and Savage Worlds versions).

Also, we have plans for all those settings from the Mojo Rules! days. keep an eye open and you might see some exciting news coming up this year :-)


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Miles M Kantir... Publisher, Savage Mojo

So no Print on Demand, eh? Sounded like a good fit for group. Thanks!

Sadly, these books were designed before POD was an option. They're not really POD-friendly (32 and 48 page books for the most part, high art, etc).

That said, if you ping me an email (MMK *at sign* savagemojo *dot* com) then I might be able to do something special for you....

Miles M Kantir... Publisher, Savage Mojo

Sorry, I'm a slacker at looking at replies.  I'll send you a email! It will be from harrowed3, and thank you for any help. :)

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Any ideas where I could get a copy?

I believe Miles is working on something cool for you. Keep an eye on your email!

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