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Hi all! I'm Rohit, the creator and developer and everything else-er of Gamers Plane, a play by post site and community for pen and paper RPGs. I starting playing tabletop RPGs over a decade ago, starting with DnD 3 and moving onto games like Deadlands, Shadowrun, and Spycraft from there. My local game group was always a bit small and limited, and during college, we came to a near complete stop on gaming. I never quite liked how other sites did play by post, so I decided to make my own site. I've been working hard to make a site where all the features you need to play online are there: integrated dice rollers and card draw systems, neat things like being able to talk as your character, and a variety of other things. And my entire goal is to make it what the community needs. I have a ton of plans for the site as time goes on too. Recently, a number of pen and paper game devs mentioned to me they don't have a solid community where they can chat about design and find players to help test, so I'm working Gamers' Plane down that line as well.

I was honored when Loki asked if Gamers' Plane would take part in the Savage Mojo International Demo Series for Lich Queen. I'll be running the game myself, completely via play by post, through Gamers' Plane, and I hope you'll all check it out!

Hey Rohit! Welcome aboard! 

We are excited to not only inaugurate the first fully online demo of the Dungeonlands series, but also to provide some support to such a promising new effort! As far as we are concered they can never be too many venues for games. 

We're very much looking forward to meeting your group of heroes and hearing about their adventures, not mention if they survive! [Insert evil laugh inspired by the old Shadow radio serials here.] We designed it to be a true meatgrinder in the old school tradition, and I think we succeeded. 

Let me know if I can be of any assistance! May the Dice Gods smile upon you! 


Loki Your fearless Community Manager, brave Pathfinder Line Developer and unbeatable Creole Cook! At your service!
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