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Here at Savage Mojo we are just breaking into the Pathfinder system. We are well aware that we are known as a Savage Worlds company and it is going to take a little while before people realize just how serious we are about this.

The best way to show the gaming community that we are not just dilletantes is twofold: 

  • We will be making a LOT of Pathfinder products over the next year, and doing our best to take the game play to new places while doing so.
  • Show people how this stuff works at the table. 

To demonstrate what we have already achieved with the Lich Queen books I am setting up gaming groups around the country (hopefully the world) that will be running through the adventures and sharing their experiences/input here on the forums and in social media. Right now we have two games running and two that are preparing to begin!

Here in New Orleans, where I am based, we have a Campaign run by Shah Ahmad ("Aladdin") every Wednesday over at Cafe Luna. It's part of a regular RPG night we sponsor along with Go Play NOLA.

Out in the Bay Area of San Francisco the people at Geekline415 are diving into it and soon will be broadcasting some of the actual play along with their reviews, on their radio show / podcast. DM Chad is the mastermind behind the DM screen for that one. 

New to the ranks is Christian Poss, founder of Mid-GA Geeks, and director of gaming at MGA Con. He will be running the Lich Queen in the Macon area of Georgia for us. 

Then there is the Dakota game. Our first time designer, Allan Hoffman, and his wife will be running the series with their home group. These players get the priviledge/ horror of having one of the actual designers behind the DM screen. 

I'll be doing profiles on the DM's, the players and their characters and more over the coming weeks. You will aso see many of them turn up here on the forums to share stories, give rules feedback, and generally cut up in that way that gamers do. It's going to be a blast! 

I'm still pulling together official groups so if you are interested in becoming one drop me a line via email (loki at or leave a comment here on the forums! 

Exciting times! MAy the Dice Gods Smile upon you! 


Loki Your fearless Community Manager, brave Pathfinder Line Developer and unbeatable Creole Cook! At your service!

Oh, this is gonna be FUN.

So this is how our party is shaping up. My character changed on me. I am now playing an elven Wiz 3, Rog 3, Arcane Trickster 9. We also have a Goblin Gunslinger, a Goblin fire mage, A human Gunslinger, a dwarven fighter, a wyvaren (dragonbornish) cavalier, And possibly either a PC or NPC cleric

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Greetings ya'll and welcome to all you dang DM's and PC's, dear Lich Queen please be with our guests and prepare them for the butt whooping they are about to recieve!


If you can't tell I am very excited about  getting started on this adventure path! Starting characters at 15th level will be fun. I myself will be playing a halfling druid 7, rogue 8. it should be al sorts of fun. What is you group planning on playing?

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So did our first night tonight, got the party togeather, had some great roleplay, and managed to get adventurernaped. Our group consists of the following.


Ashkael Shieldwing  - LG Wyvaren Cavilier 15 (High AC Tank)

Bulthor Longhorn - LN Dwarven Fighter 15 (Bullrush shield specialist)

Squish - CN Goblin Sorcerer 15 (fire bloodline) - (Pyromonkey)

Scar - NG Teifling Gunslinger 15 (Pistolaro)

Lazarus Cole - CG Human Gunslinger 15 (Long Gunner)

Dashel Riverwind - CG Elf Wiz 3/ Rogue 3/ Arcane Trickster 9 (ADD Thief)

Avander Holyfist - LN Half-Elf Monk 6/ Cleric 9 (Holy Fist)


We made it through the portal (adventurernaped) and did some light exploring. We'll be playing again next Sunday. More updates to follow!

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So our second session saw us pogress through the map a bit, we checked out the island to the north west of the main island, found a few this and thats, (no spoilers!) and then proceeded to the central structure. We encountered... resistance. Our arcane trickster snuck in and killed three of the opponents with one spell (scorching ray + sneak attack = squish) taunted the rest and ran out of the area. The cavalier was posted up out side and met the charging remander with a shield bash. The remaining opponents went down in a hail of spell and gun fire. We saw another interesting creature (?) and persued it deeper into the structure. We had to call it there due to the DM having a prior engagement she forgot about (DOAH!) Lots of fun interaction and RP in the party, and though we only had the one encounter, we had a good 4 hour session. More to come!

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Pastor Al The shortest distance between to points is to ignore physics.
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