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As far back as the first Dungeon Master's Guide list os inspirational literature have always been part of the gaming experience. Settings, supplements, and advantures all have been known to include them over the years. 

Since Suzerain brings together a multiplicity of genres I got to wondering what other Suzerain GMs were inspired by. 

In order to get the ball rolling I'll go first. 

  • The Eternal Champion Cycle by Michael Moorcok
  • The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazney
  • The works of Rudy Rucker
  • The Doomfarer's of Coramonde by Brian Daley
  • Dune and it's sequels, only the frank Herbert ones
  • Sandman (DC Comics) 
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (DC Comics)
  • Weave World by Clive Barker
  • The Borderland Series edited by Terri Windling
  • A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller, Jr. 
  • Almost everything released by Weird Tales
  • Heavy Metal Magazine

What about you? What is it that you draw thoughts, ideas, or tone from? Terry Brooks, Tolkien, Douglas Adams? (I'll admit part of why I'm asking is that I am always on the lookout for a new book!) 

Let us know! 

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Some of my favorites (that aren't Martin, Leiber, or Tolkien):


  • Joe Abercrombie -- the First Law Trilogy, and all of his other novels as well
  • Lloyd Alexander -- The Chronicles of Prydain
  • Evangeline Walton's version of the Welsh Mabinogion
  • Pratchett/Gaiman -- Good Omens
  • Pratchett -- Small Gods, and other bits of Discworld to taste
  • Christopher Moore -- Island of the Sequined Love Nun, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, and A Dirty Job are great inspiration for modern pulp sci-fi and fantasy.


Books wise:

  • Shadows of the Apt series 
  • Grimnoir cronicles
  • Dreseden files
  • Dune, just dune, I wasnt wowed by the sequels.
  • Enders game, again other than enders shadow wasnt wowed by sequels.
  • Works of H.P.Lovecraft
  • Works of Pratchet, particualrly the mid-later stuff.
  • Ready Player one
  • DC comics Hitman

Other settings

  • Feng Shui - The other universe hopping system that rocks.
  • WHFRP 1st ed - So dark, so brutal. I usually run WHFRP as an open world and let the players do what they want.
  • Shadowrun - So shiney, so brutal. Very mission orientated where guns blazing approach is rarely the best one.
  • Necromunda - Just brutal :-p Best game GW ever produced, in terms of setting and style as well as game play, mordhiem comes a close second for game.

This is just the stuff that popped into my head so I have probably missed loads I will think of later.



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