Void Star Studios is bringing back Tact-Tiles through Kickstarter. Tact-Tiles are a great product on a number of levels - they are sturdy, flexible, portable, and expandable. Unlike most “classic” map tiles, Tact-Tiles allows you (or your players) to draw in your own maps and dungeons. This is spectacular for minis. They are perfect for the GMs who need to design multiple locations for battles, carry them around to different houses or tables (especially at cons).

And it actually has uses those who don't play with minis as well. If you want to have your players to map out a dungeon, Tact-Tiles allows the players to map out the dungeon and expand their Tact-Tiles in the direction the dungeon goes. And as a side note, for those who love battlemats but don't like minis because you knock them over (no personal experience here :D), you can uses Xs and other such drawn markings to represent characters.

The Tact-Tiles Kickstarter only has a couple more days left and it's almost funded. You can find out more information and check out reviews on their Kickstarter Page!