There is a ton of special things to talk about for Gen Con this year! Sean will be at Gen Con to represent both Evil Beagle Games and Savage Mojo along with Gayle our Operations Manager (aka Den Mother). Loki (SocialGumbo) our Pathfinder rules guru for Dungeonlands will be on a panel talking about his work on Dungeonlands.

The announcements for the ENnie awards will be on Friday night and both Legends Arise and Legends Unleashed are up for ENnie awards (and they will be on sale through the Studio 2 booth 1317). Sean has three Shaintar games scheduled for Gen Con and may run a fourth game. All three of the scheduled games are currently full however, there may be dropouts so if you really want to play don't be afraid to go out there and see if you can't squeeze into a game. You can find out even more about what Sean is doing in his video blog: “The Big Irish Vlog”!

And, most importantly, remember to have fun this weekend!