We wanted to give you all a place where you can see the rules of the forums, so without further ado - 

  1. First, you need to treat everyone on the forum with respect. Derogatory remarks aimed at posters, their opinions, or anyone for that matter are never appropriate.
  2. Discussion of politics, religion or sexuality related directly to games is fine as long as you follow rule number 1.
  3. Personal comments about another members' religion, political views or sexuality is unacceptable.
  4. A disclaimer on a political, religious or sexuality sensitive topic does not exempt it from the rules precluding their posting. If you have any doubt concerning a topic's allowance, contact us privately at community@savagemojo.com.
  5. Do not post conversions on the forum of material that is copywritten. Posting the stats for your character is fine, but not those that were written by professionals without their permission. (a caveat - our contributors may choose to post art or written content for discussion, but please think of them if you are considering re-posting something that may have taken them many hours to create.
  6. Also note that these rules are not exclusive. Content may also be disallowed based on tastefulness and other factors.
  7. No flaming other posters on the forum or in private messages.
  8. If a forum member notes any post that appears to violate these rules, they should contact us directly via email at community@savagemojo.com.
  9. By using these forums, you grant Savage Mojo the exclusive right to be the final arbiter of what's accepable and what is not.
  10. Savage Mojo reserves the right to remove content, ban accounts, or take any other reasonable actions where behavior breaks the rules.  We hope we never have to

The reason we want you to email us rather than replying to a post is twofold.  If the post does break the rules, replying to it just continues a disallowed discussion, and if the post is ultimately ruled to not be a violation, then referring to it as such publicly isn't respectful and represents a disparaging remark against it. Neither result is good for anyone involved, so just contact me and it will be resolved in some way.

We have a nice, friendly, respectful forum, and following these rules is what helps keep it that way.

Thanks ~ The Savage Mojo Team