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The Kingdom of Camon     Location: Camon, Shaintar (Realm of Starfall)

Kingdom of Camon

The history of the Kingdom of Camon has been a long and bloody affair. From the founding of the Kingdom in 2466 to the takeover of the Church of Archanon in 2835 after the passing of the last King, Warick Travane, the Kingdom was ruled by the Crown and the noble Houses of Camon. After the ascension of the Church and the establishment of the Prelacy of Camon, the Church purged their lands of all non-humans and magic users under the Purification Mandate.

For the next nearly 300 years, the throne of Camon stood vacation. Then, on Planting Moons 33rd, 3127, Queen Mereena Avalar I ascended the throne, reinstating the Kingdom of Camon and ending the centuries long Purification Mandate.

The road so far…

While the History of Camon dates back centuries, the fall of the Church of Archanon and the restoration of the crown has been a recent development.

Crimson Crusade

3122, Gray Winds – Villages around the Duchy of Faraway are found emptied. Local Cavaliers find evidence indicating the presence of Builders and believe that the local populace are being taken to mine Crysarium to fuel the Prelacy’s new Arcfire arms.

3123, Golden Eagle – Though considered treason by the Prelacy, the Duchy of Faraway secedes from Camon. Few outside the Duchy believe they have the strength to defend their independence. Regardless, this marks the first major rebellion against the Church of Archanon.

3123, Red Wolf – Saboteurs are captured in Echer’Naught. Along with rumors coming from the Northern Gathers about Prelacy aggression, many in the Southern Kingdoms fear war.

3123, Eternal Sun – Rangers operating from the city of Jasara dispatched reported detailing massive Prelacy troop movement into the Norther Gathers. Already the Prelacy occupied Branosh, using the major gather as a staging point for further westward expansion.

3123, Thunder Hawk – Launching from Branosh, Prelacy armies march on Stoon. A handful of Rangers, operating outside authority work with the goblinesh, but the Southern Kingdoms, and the Rangers, are unable or unwilling to intervene.

Later in month, Prelacy armies take Stoon, gaining a major foothold in the region. With the capture of Stoon, Prelacy armies are now within 50 miles of Jasara. Hoping to create a bulwark against potential southern invasion, the Rangers sent supplies to bolster defensive fortification in Jasara.

Farther north, Prelacy force briefly capture the gather of Sog, which is quickly liberated by daring Rangers operating with local resistance fighters. Allying with the goblinesh, the “Rangers of Sog” begin a campaign of harassment against Prelacy supply lines, seeking to rally other gathers to unite against a common foe.

3123, Festival Moons – With their western flank secure, the Prelacy turns south, launching a massive invasion of Olara, concentrating on the city of Thuls. Bearheart is quickly besieged, and Thuls defenders are soon surrounded, the battle turning into a siege. In response, Colonel Wolfhaven petitions, and is granted authority, to establish a large field hospital, Camp Wolfhaven, in northern Olara, South of Thuls.

3123, Dancing Clouds – After weeks of heavy fighting around the city, the Siege of Thuls is lifted, at great cost in lives and material. However, the lines around Bearheart are too entrenched. Bearheart remains under siege.

While battles rage around Thuls, the Prelacy launches another large-scale invasion of the Crystal Forest. Their goal, the elven city of Crystara. The attack initially successful, with the elves being forced to evacuated the city. Ranger, Galean, and even Olaran reinforcements arrive in time to meet the Prelacy at the walls. After a pitched battle, the Prelacy forces are thrown back.

3123, White River – Winter brings a lull to the fighting, with limited action around Sog, and some surgical raids on Branosh. The Southern Kingdoms were hardly idle. Colonel Wolfhaven manages to negotiate the Echer’Naught Accords, brining Landra’Feya, Olara, Galea, the Wildlands, the Freelands, Stahlheim, Eon’Voltuh, and various independent factions under the Expanded Ranger Charter. This new alliance allows all nations to orchestrate join military operations under ostensible command of the Rangers.

Crimson Crusade Counterstroke

3124, Falling Ice – By command of the overall joint commander, Colonel Wolfhaven, Rangers of Sun’s Crossing cross the Forges and begin disrupting Prelacy supply lines along the Jasara-Bearheart Road.

Executing a lightning raid, a fast cavalry force under Captain Macha Panta strikes the bridgeheads at Aladel, cutting off Prelacy reinforcements from the east.

At the same time, a second, larger army, under command of Lieutenant Hawksclaw, marching north from Tarnn, striking the lines around Bearheart. After a savage battle, the Prelacy forces are forced back to their lines along the Crystal River. The Siege of Bearheart is lifted.

With both east and west flanks secured, Colonel Wolfhaven marches north from Camp Wolfhaven, and slams into the Prelacy lines just north of Thuls. With the massive siege weapons of the city providing support, Wolfhaven breaches the enemy fortifications, and begins pushing the Prelacy back toward Furalor. On Wolfhaven’s command, Captain Macha Panta from the east, and Lieutenant Hawksclaw from the west march inward, collapsing Prelacy defenses from all sides.

On the 10th, Woflhaven’s armies meet at the walls of Furalor. The siege is brief, speeded by the massive Olaran siege engines dragged from Thuls to Furalor. With the walls breeched, Wolfhaven leads a charge with takes the city.

With their southern armies in retreat, and Wolfhaven poised to march deeper into Camon, the Prelacy sues for peace, signing the Crimson Crusade Armistice on the 34th of Falling Ice. This marks the first time the Prelacy officially recognizes the existence of the Southern Kingdoms. Few, however, are happy with the agreement. The Southern Kingdoms want to hold territory gained during fighting, but are forced to return gains to the Church of Archanon. Many within the Church bristle as being forced to treat with the heretical faith of the Church of Light.

The Armistice halts fighting, but only delayed the inevitable.

Second Crimson Crusade

3125, Festival Moons – After a year and seven months of peace, Prelacy forces strike without warning. Backed by more than Builders and Arcfire, strange flying creatures never before seen, and a being of immense power claiming to be Archanon, the Church of Archanon utterly destroys Midoth’s Tower and Archanya. The attack is both shocking and devastating, followed up by invasion armies all along the northern border of Olara and Galea.

3125, Raining Leaves – For three months, war wearing Olarans, Galeans, Elves, and Rangers hold the line as they dig out the ruins of Mindoth’s Tower and Archanya. Fortunately, much of the high Druid Council and the Heart of Light survived the attack. Though, many druids, priests, and paladins were killed. The loss of life and resources set the druids and Church of Light back decades.

However, by mid Raining Leaves, a new alliance of Black Lanters, Rangers, druids, priests, paladins, mercenaries, and common people, all bound a singular rage, pool their vast resources. Calling themselves the Southern Blades, this Holy Crusade launches a massive counter attack against the Prelacy.

First, the Southern Blades take the port city of High Port, always sympathetic the cause of the Cavaliers. Then, they large army cuts through prelacy lines above Crystara, marching into the mountains and taking the Prelacy fortress of Defiance. Compelled by a common fanaticism, the Southern Blades shrug off losses, continuing the campaign of retribution through the Wolfhead mountains to assault the Prelacy capital of Camondel. On the 24th of Raining Leaves, the combined rage of the Southern Blades smashes the city’s defenses, sweeping aside even their false Archanon.

With bloody intent, the Blades slay the Supreme Paladin, going so far as to bite off his head. They also appear to kill the ArchCardinal, though he later reappears, claiming to be above the power of mortals to destroy.

With the Fall of Camondel, and the “death” of the ArchCardinal, the Church’s reign is broken. Even so, the cost of life and materials weakens the Southern Blades. Their march of vengeance is stopped at Camondel. Prelacy reinforcements fortify Deloman, trapping the Southern Blades in the valley, effectively achieving a stalemate. The Church of Archanon relocates its base of power to Centerport.

The Southern Blades appoint Lady Viviane of North Face as Regent to hold the throne until a true heir can be found. Thus begins the Quest for the Throne.

Rise of the Fallen

3125, Raining Leaves to 3125, Dark Moons – Though the Crimson Crusade ends, the massive forces windrawn by the Southern Blades opens the door for Shaya’Nor to sweep down, devouring much of Camon. In a rare concession, the “returned” Grand Archcardinal, his Most Holy Anointed and Exalted Lanier Fareneux, demanded the Southern Kingdoms return Camondel and Defiance to the Church of Archanon so that they might halt Shaya’Nor’s march through western Camon. The Southern Blades refused, and western Camon was sacrificed to Darkeness.

Quest for the Throne

3127, Falling Ice – After a brutal reclamation effort by the White Silver Wolves, Prelacy of Archanon Armies, and late intervention by the First Glorious Host of the Southern Blades, forces of Shaya’Nor are defeated, and their final stronghold of Lanier is razed to the ground.

On the 34th of Falling Ice, leaders from the Southern Blades, the Church of Archanon, the White Silver Wolves, a Camonere Citizen army been on the blood-soaked fields outside of Lanier. This Council of Lanier, hosted by the Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, and secured by Colonel Wolfhaven reviews the patents of the three Claimants to the Throne.

Mereena Avalar, Priest of Light

Faction: Southern Blades
Mereena Avalor was born in North Point, Galea to a family of fishermen. The youngest of a dozen children, Mereena’s family sent her to the Church of Light in Archanya to receive an education. Sadly, Mereena’s family were drowned at sea during the Tempest invasion, leaving Mereena an orphan. She was raised in the Church, officially gaining rank of Novitiate upon her 14th nameday…a few days before Lanier fell. Mereena’s supporters claim that her ancestor was a cousin to King Warwick Travane’s aunt who sought sanctuary in Galea during Purification Mandate. Supported by the crown of Galea, the Southern Blades presented detailed, if convoluted, ascestry records.
Despite showing a gift for academia and the arts of intelligentsia, her opponents claim that Novitiate Avalar is too young, too inexperienced, and merely a pawn of the Southern Blades.

Captain Eric Leurant, Crusader of Archanon

Faction: Prelacy of Camon, Church of Archanon
Hero of Tirene, commander, and warrior, Captain Leurant rose to prominence after the fall of Camondel to the Southern Blades in 3125. Despite centuries of loyal service to the Church of Archanon, the Leurant family has always been suspect to the Grand Archcardinal for suspected relation to the last King Warwick Travane. To survive the Purification Mandate and the subsequent spat of political assassinations, the Leurant family dedicted themselves to the cause of the Prelacy. For their service, they were allowed to live. Now, with the crown of Camon empty, the Church of Archanon turns to those they once despised…and the Leurant family, ever loyal, revealed ancient writs of royalty kept safe for centuries.
Despite being an accomplished leader and warrior, Captain Leurant’s opponents refuse to allow the Church of Archanon to hold the throne.

Viscount Tramelor of the House of Shael

Faction: People of Camon
Viscount Tramelor has a stronger claim to the throne than Priestess Avalar, and more popular support than Captain Leurant, but he is a Malakaran. Tramelor’s ancestors left Camon a generation before the death of King Warwick Travane. His claim comes from an illegitimate child begot by King Travane’s father whose family fled to the Dominion. Their descendants settled within the lands claimed by House Shael. Through cunning, guile, and coin Viscount Tramelor’s great grandfather purchased a title and the family fortunes have risen since that day. Whether sensing opportunity, or a genuine respect for Camonere descent, the Tramelor’s have long supported the Cavaliers of Camon’s efforts against the Church. More recently, during the war against the Southern Blades, and the invasion of Darkness, Viscount Tramelor has accepted thousands of refugees fleeing the series of wars. As the White Silver Wolves pushed back the shadow of Darkness from the land, Viscount Tramelor has helped many displaced Camonere rebuild their shattered lives…for a reasonable price.
Despite having great political and economic experienced, the Viscount’s opponents suspect Tramelor’s claim to be fake, an attempt by the Dominion, or Red Store, to gain control of the Kingdom of Camon.

3127, Planting Moons - By superior vote of the Council of Lanier, with the blessings of Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, Lady Avalar ascends to the Throne of Camon this year, 3127, Planting Moons 33rd, when Unidar, Diadar, and Liadar are full, becoming Queen Avalar I.

Kingdom of Camon

Church of Archanon

The Ascension of Queen Avalar I marks the official end of the Prelacy of Camon. As part of the agreements, the Church of Archanon formally recognizes Queen Avalar I as the rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Camon, and ends the century long Purification Mandate. The Crown, however, agrees to make no law to abolish the Church of Archanon, allowing each royal House authority to establish whichever faith within their lands. While the Church’s supporters may no longer enslave or execute non-humans or magic users, they ARE allow to expel anyone from their lands “humanely.” Trespassers are to be turned over the Queen’s Cavaliers to be escorted out of Church lands.

Captain Leurant, Marshal of Camon

In addition, for his sacrifice in protecting the Queen from assassination, and to secure the alliance, Captain Leurant is named Marshal of Camon, commander of the Kingdom’s armies.

Church of Light

For the first time in history, the Church of Light is officially recognized by Camon. Any noble House may invite priests and paladins into their territory to establish churches and the faith of Light. They are not permitted to enter territories against the will of the House. Within the Capital of Camondel, both the Church of the Light and the Church of Archanon are permitted to maintain a Cathedral and send representatives to advice the Queen.

Violence between the Churches if illegal. Any who break the Queen’s peace will be subject to the authority of the Crown and the Cavaliers of Camon.

Cavaliers of Camon

The Cavaliers of Camon are fully recognized by the Queen, and given authority of the Queen’s roads. All major roads, throughout all lands, are granted to the Queen to within fifty yards. The roads, and easements, are under the jurisdiction of the Queen and subject to her authority alone. Anyone found harassing or impeding the Queens roads are subject to the Queen’s law, and enforcement by the Cavaliers. This authority only applies to the main highways, but NOT cities and towns within the lands of noble Houses. Entry into cities, towns, and communities, or leaving the easement of the Queens roads, against the wishes of the land’s governing House, is a violation of the law and subject to the House’s justice.

Citizens of Camon

Citizens of Camon are now free to choose in which House’s lands they wish reside, though they must petition that House for permission, and be granted official leave to settle within the lands of said House. No citizen may be held against their will, nor may they trespass on House lands inimical to them.

Duke Tramelor, Master of Coin

As per the Agreements of the Council of Lanier, Viscount Tramelor, now Duke Tramelor of Camon, is appointed as Master of Coin and Commerce for the Kingdom of Camon, to advice the Queen on all matters of Trade and Commerce.

Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face

In recognition for her selfless service to the people of Camon, the Kingdom, and the Throne, Lady Viviane of North Face has been official listed as the interim ruler of Camon.

King Warick Travane – Regent Viviane – Queen Avalar I

Also, the Queen officially recognizes the Duchy of Faraway’s secession from the Prelacy of Camon. A formal invitation has been extended to reunify Faraway with the reconstituted Kingdom of Camon.

Finally, for her service, Lady Viviane gains the Hereditary Right to sit upon the Queen’s Council, advising this and all future rulers of Camon.

Political Map of the Kingdom of Camon

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Magnificent Coronation of Queen Avalar I     Location: Camondel, Camon

With the blessings of Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, Lady Avalar shall ascend to the Throne of Camon this year, 3127, Planting Moons 33rd, when Unidar, Diadar, and Liadar are full.

Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face cordially invites the Houses of Camon, the Church, and Allies to attend the Magnificent Coronation of Queen Avalar I.

~Council of Lanier


This Online Legends Awaken event will be held on Wednesday, 6-13-18, from 7:30PM to 11:30PM EST. Eight seats are available. Characters will be XP capped at 75 XP for this event. Characters may belong to any Heroic faction (Rangers, White Silver Wolves, Legio Heroes, Lanterns, etc...). The Game will be hosted on Fantasty Grounds. If you do not have Fantasy Grounds, you can download the free lite version here:

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