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05-Apr-2018 01:02 PM - New and Exciting Opportunities for Fans!


New and exciting things are coming for Savage Mojo fans. With Pinnacle's announcement of Savage Worlds Black, we at Savage Mojo are taking this golden opportunity to revise our core Suzerain setting. New stories, updated rules, and Legends Awaken will be front and center! Keeping the promise of Legends Awaken, we will include adventures and characters from your gamesin the new edition of Suzerain.


But to do this, we need YOUR help! First, make sure that you are signed up at Second, post your adventures and characters in the Legends Awaken Campaign Reports thread. Third, contact your Savage Mojo team to participate. That's it!


Just remember, we can only accept content posted on the forums, so get your reports posted soon!

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22-Mar-2018 09:58 PM - FG Con 12 - Suzerain Games scheduled

FOUR games have been scheduled for FG Con 12 - with at least one (maybe 2) still to be approved process and we're so excited.  Registration for all the games begins tomorrow (Friday, 23 March) at Noon, EST. Get there fast because the slots will fill up quickly.


First, GM Elspeth runs Noir Knights: Suspicions and Superstitions taking place Friday, 13 April from 7-11PM EST. 

The Task Force coordinator has notified the team to travel to Athens, GA because of a small backwater publisher boasting about a way to accurately predict weather. It's unheard of.  Click the link to find out more:

Next, GM Ram takes you to Caladon Falls for The Ruins of Stone Hill (Fantasy) on Saturday 14 April from 8AM-Noon EDT.

A half-day's walk from Milltown are a series of low hils, the tallest of which is topped with an oddly-shapted stone outcrop. Locals think this is some First Age ruins but they don't concern themselves about it. To register, click the link: 

Then GM Dragonheels is running Clockwork Dreams in French on Saturday 14 April from 3-7PM EDT.

This realm mashes together all the classic fey folk with a mix of steampunk shenanigans. Bienvenue à Mechadia, un royaume ‘savage’ de Suzerain où les sous-bois idylliques de Sylvan fusionnent avec des merveilles mécaniques. To register, click the link: 

After which, GM Hammer will take you to Shanghai Vampocalypse: High Threat Response on Saturday 14 April from 7-11PM, EDT

It's Shanghai 2048 and the private security company you work for was bought out by a foreign firm. Two weeks ago, the government issued instructions to the corp HTR security teams advising how to respond in the improbable event of martial law.. To learn more and register, click the link: 

To check out all of the Savage Mojo products available on Fantasy Grounds, check out this link: 


We can't wait to read about your adventures!


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20-Mar-2018 02:06 PM - New Product Release - Thundering Skies PPC

It's a new product release. We're proud to present Thundering Skies, the new Plot Point campaign written by Drew Wendell set in Shaintar.

Something is trying to get into Shaintar from...elsewhere! What could it be and how have they pierced the Veil? Who are Tempest and what do they want? Is there something behind the Servitors? Why do those who've turned to Tempest go insane? These questions and more are answered in the campaign.

There's also a number of new character options along with gear, edges, hindrances, magic and much more, all created by Darren Pearce to help in the fight against this mighty foe. Plus, the first Savage Tale is a crossover from Shaintar into the dark and murky realm of Nightfall, where they'll find themselves having to help a land ruled by the Lady of Shadows and Lord August who're locked in a power struggle.

This campaign along with more than 20 Savage Tales will provide your players months, if not more than a year of exciting game play as they try to foil the Tempest.

Feel free to join the living campaign over at Legends Awaken!

Get your copy right here at:

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