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22-Dec-2017 01:02 AM - Centenium Proclamation


     Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

     Commander of the Legio Heroes

     A’Davar, Eternal Sands

     Twelfth Day of White Stagg, Year 3126 Under the Light

     To all people pledged to Light and Life:

     For millennia, our forebears have stood valiantly against the forces of Darkness and Flame marshaled against the lands of freedom, Light, and Life. Time and again, we have stood on the brink, bloody and bowed, but never broken. We have never faltered.

     Yet, only once in all those centuries have we stood truly united. Only when faced with utter annihilation at the hands of the Dragon Cult and their unstoppable dragon overlords, have we set aside our differences to combat an enemy greater than our might combined. In that singular moment of solidarity we proved that our differences are our greatest strength. We did not know then what we know now.

     The contest against evil and villainy is the crucible which forges us. But the blood-lust of the Kal-A-Nar Empire, the cold, dead hunger of Shaya’Nor, the greed and avarice of the Malakar Dominion, or the intolerance of the Church of Archanon, are as child's squabbling with the grave truth we must face today; We are no longer alone on Shaintar. We are being invaded by foreign powers driven by unknowable evil, heedless of any land nor the people in it, therefore the time for unity and the time for unity is upon us once again. The assault on White Bay by the butcherous Tempest, the heartless warriors of Xaos in the desert lands, the rumors of monsters defying any description known to learned men portend a future of horrors. Should we continue as we are, the scant survivors will rule over nothing but a sad pile of ash and bone. 

     But this is not a pronouncement of doom, but acceptance of this new time of change. Adversity has always strengthened us. Men and women of Shaintar, you all have a place in this... from brave-hearted nobles to shoemakers children; Bitter rivals and unexpected allies. Simple people and heroes of all the realms.  What blows in from the coming storm has no love for any of us.  We MUST accept the lessons learned against the Dragons, embodied by the Oaths of the Grayson’s Gray Rangers, and borne out by every victory in the last four years. Only together, all free peoples united, can hope to stand against the unyielding might of these emergent threats. Only together as free people, independent kingdoms, and brothers in arms may we hope to survive!

     In this time of crisis, by the authority of the Centenium Council, the Druid’s Council and the First Speaker, the Council of Archanaya and the Heart of Light Istella Nolan, Lord-Commander Lady Valinda Grayson of the Grayson’s Gray Rangers, and the signatories of the Expanded Ranger Charter, I hereby formally establish and mobilize the Legio Heroes, Legion of Heroes, as an independent force under the authority of the Centenium Council to go forth and seek out these threats from beyond the Veil.

     To the free peoples of Shaintar, I swear to you, upon my House, my Blood, and my Honor, we WILL stand against the coming storm. To our allies, join us in brotherhood and know the strength of unity. And, to all those who might threaten the peace and prosperity of our lands…

     …We will not falter, we will not submit. We, the people of Shaintar, will NOT fail. This is OUR Realm! Come to take it at your peril.

     Your most obedient servant,

     Lord Mayor Wolfhaven, Colonel

     A’Davar, Eternal Sands


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02-Dec-2017 11:58 PM - Recent Changes to the Term & Conditions

     As you may have noticed, we’ve updated the Savage Mojo terms & conditions. This may seem bothersome to have to read through a list of terms again, but it does make things easier for you. The new terms merge our community guidelines, the terms, and the Legends Awaken terms in one place. We haven't made any major changes - mostly it's just combining things in one place.

     You can now participate in Legends Awaken just by registering on the website - no extra stages required, no need to sign a special agreement. You just sign up for an account at Then you can post in the forums, check out the wiki, play official Legends Awaken games, and more. If you want to add your own Suzerain inspired entries, just reach out to me at or on our social media. Share your adventures in the Suzerain universe, whether they're based in Shaintar, Relic, Mechadia, Nightfall or any other realm. Go on and help inspire each other - you’re a member of the Legends Awaken initiative!


-Clyde, Suzerain Guide

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11-Oct-2017 06:46 PM - New at Savage Mojo and the Legends Awaken initiative

Hi. I’m Clyde, a long time member of the Suzerain community. Earlier this year, I took on the role of “Suzerain Guide” and although some of you that follow us on social media know me, I wanted to introduce myself more formally and expand upon what a “Suzerain Guide” will mean for you, the community. My purpose is to get to know the people who play in the Suzerain universe as well as newcomers who are wondering what Suzerain is about. I want to get people involved in the community and talking about Suzerain, to share our passion and develop the Legends Awaken initiative, which I’ll hit on more in a bit. First a little introduction into what brought me here.


I’ve been roleplaying since before I knew they made books that tell you how to do it. I’ve been a fan of Suzerain since the earliest days. A friend and I started discussing rules, critiques and a love of the great settings on the Savage Mojo forums then, over time, it led to play testing, game development and writing as part of the Savage Mojo Family. In my current role, I’m working to make the Legends Awaken intiative more accessible and available. Big things are in the near future and I can’t wait for them. I’ll have two focuses. First, I’ll be interacting with the community to do what I loved initially in the Savage Mojo community; talk about the game we love. And, another passion, build our community to make it accessible and safe to those who want to game.


We know many out there are suffering with physical, mental and social limitations. In many cases, the members of the Savage Mojo family are people suffering from these limitations. We know the benefits of a safe, understanding environment to game in... because we are those people. Even if you're able-bodied, have no mental illness and have a great, well-rounded social environment then you've probably gamed with someone who isn't so fortunate. We invite you all to join us in celebrating the benefits of gaming.


The second part of the initiative is bringing people together to make a living campaign, the other part of the Legends Awaken initiative. Our goal is to make cool stories where you, the GMs and players, have the ability to have your stories and characters play a role in future publications and your stories interweave with players all over the world. Learn how you can be part of it by contacting me at or reach out on our social media below. Ready to join the Legends Awaken initiative? Sign up here:



Suzerain Facebook:

Legends Awaken Facebook group:





Suzerain G+:

Legends Awaken G+:

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