Emotional Bond Of Ownership

     In the Suzerain universe, the mortal realms each represent a place and time in the physical world, with the spirit world laid over the top like a snug blanket. An interesting thing about the two worlds is the 'emotional bond of ownership' that people make, which affects shamans and other people who intend to cross over.

     We all get attached to certain items, and develop a sense of ownership to things after we've had them for a while. When someone refocuses on the spirit world, all the items that are bonded refocus too, for as long as he's holding them. If a shaman shifts to the spirit world, his clothes will most likely shift with him. Similarly with his favorite walking cane (if he's carrying it).

     It normally takes about half a week for a person to form a bond with an item after becoming its owner, as long as he's using it and doesn't just stick it on a shelf. On the other side of the coin, extreme emotional attachment can happen much quicker. Pick up a sword off a battlefield and immediately use it to save your life a couple of times during the furious fighting, then you'll get that bond pretty much instantly!

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