One of five realms in the Elements family, Wilderlands was a set of post-apocalyptic wastelands thanks to the Pulse War. For the survivors of the war, marooned in this quarter of the world when the Barriers went up, life is extremely tough.

     Technology powered by Pulse no longer works and (since that is most technology) the survivors have very few tools to help them get by. Bio, chemical and radioactive toxins scar the land and extreme weather makes things even tougher. Unexpected mutation in men, animals and plants is common.

     Out of desperation, survivors create pockets of basic civilization. Warlords and despots claim patches of resources, which might be nothing more than a sheltered valley where edible crops can grow. One large group of survivors left the mainland altogether in the early days after the War. Following three prophets who came out of the wastelands, they settled on an island and built a culture of their own in isolation. Protected by a Barrier the prophets made, they have become their own realm, Gatherall.


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