Spirits are beings formed of pure Pulse and are much like the people and animals you find in the physical world... except they have no physical body and inhabit the spirit world instead. Some have the capacity to manifest into the physical world, but it's certainly the minority. In fact, most spirits don't visit the part of the spirit world which corresponds to the physical world, preferring to remain in the uncharted depths of their space or live in the immortal realm created by their Great Spirit.

     Spirits vary in intelligence, with some as clever as humans and others no smarter than the simplest of animals. They have all the range of personality that you might find in a human being, though colored by their essential nature. Most spirits fall into one of three types, each the essence of a single concept:

  • Some are spirits of animals, for example a fox spirit, being the essence of cunning and quick wits, for instance.
  • Some are spirits of emotions, for example you can expect a hate spirit to have a loathing for just about everything and a fear spirit to exude an aura of malevolent terror around itself.
  • Some are spirits of the elements, either a material element (air, earth, fire, water, metal or wood) or an energy element (light, dark, stasis, change, tide, vortex, essence or resonance).


Spirit in Mojo Rules!

     In the Mojo Rules! RPG rules system, Spirit is one of the nine abilities that define a character, the endurance stat for the social/spiritual part of a person, the analog of Willpower for the character's mental endurance and Constitution for his physical endurance. When a test of bravery is required, Spirit is the ability the character will want at a high level.

     Products for the Mojo Rules! version of the Suzerain continuum are now retired, but may be returning in a new, exciting format....


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