Special Projects Administration

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     The Special Projects Administration (SPA) is the nexus that defines the Suzerain realm of American Grit.


SPA Director's Note To New Agents, 1999

     It's 1999 and the world is in danger.

     Sure, most people are aware of the Y2K thing, but for those in the know, the world is always in danger. Serious danger. The difference, of course, comes in the details: are we talking about a group of fanatics trying to make a statement, or a madman simply holding the world hostage? Fortunately, no matter what kind of danger the world is in, there are certain people who step up and take on the challenge of protecting the innocent, the unsuspecting and the public at large against all foes - foreign or domestic, natural or supernatural.

     Yes, you heard right. Especially supernatural.

     Don't pay attention to all that talk about ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, zombies and the like, and how they don't exist. They exist alright, and they're not the misunderstood, beautiful and enticing things modern writers and filmmakers like to portray them as. People dubbed them 'monsters' for a reason.

     Okay... maybe some of them are beautiful and enticing, but it just makes them all the more insidious and harder to fight.

     That's where you come in, agent. We're at war, plain and simple, but in this war no government can send in hordes of well-armed soldiers to take out the enemy. Instead they must use agents - elite covert operatives who get the job done no matter what it takes. In this war there are no rules either, except 'don't get caught'. These agents don't exist as far as the governments are concerned. Those who get caught are disavowed; they don't get saved. Of course, in this war, there usually isn't enough of a person who gets caught left to save.

     You see, all the information most people know about monsters is a mixture of fact, hearsay, and downright misinformation. Imagine vampires who aren't paralyzed when staked or werewolves who aren't adversely affected by silver. Imagine holy weapons only as potent as the belief behind them. And imagine as these monsters laugh in your character's face as his 'foolproof' weapon fails.

     This can't be allowed.

     The covert missions you will be assigned ride the line between fact and fiction, life and death, a living world and a dead one. This is why you've got to be smart, tough and lucky. It also helps if you're well-trained and well-prepared. And in this case, by 'well-prepared' we mean outfitted with the absolute best technology money can buy... Technology that allows you to move, hide, observe and fight better than anyone - or anything - else in the world.

     Welcome to the world of covert operations. Welcome to the Special Projects Administration.


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