Shanghai Vampocalypse

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     This Savage realm of Suzerain is all about ancient martial arts masters fighting in a cybertech world... during a vampire apocalypse! For Demigod rank characters, Shanghai Vampocalypse is part of our Circa Cycle realm, not based on any time or place, but on a rogue demigod (called Circa).

     It's 2048 and the world as we know it no longer exists. In its place is an ash-covered land of starving, hopeless people. In Shanghai, one man created what should be China's greatest achievement: a way to end the hunger of her people while creating a super soldier in the image of an ancient monster. It was the perfect plan. Then something went wrong.     

If one vampire is a monster, eight million are an apocalypse.

     Inside the covers of this book you'll find all you need to create characters in this unique setting, a wealth of background information, a plot point campaign for Demigod characters, heaps of Savage Tales, and stats for all manner of new NPCs and critters.



     Shanghai Vampocalypse is a setting book for the Roleplaying Game of the Suzerain Continuum for the Savage Worlds (external link) rules system. Released in 2010 and being updated to a "continuum edition" in early 2014, it was the first setting for Suzerain's unique Demigod rank. It's also the only setting where the nexus is a person rather than a place or organization, the mad entity known as Circa.

     Quoting from the book's What Is Shanghai Vampocalypse? text:

     Shanghai Vampocalypse is a gritty future where the planet is slowly starving and China is about to go to war with the world as the only way for them to survive - pick a common enemy that focuses the rage of the people on someone else.

     This book is a Savage Suzerain setting for Demigod rank characters which mixes and matches technology with ancient Chinese mysticism. In the year 2048 a nanovirus is created and released to make super soldiers who can defeat and then consume the enemy - killing two birds with one stone. However, when a -CONTENT REMOVED FOR YOUR OWN SANITY- is involved, nothing goes as planned.

     Only the mightiest of the Maelstrom's heroes can save this world and perhaps the Maelstrom itself. This task will require strength and arms, faith and diplomacy, and to keep one very mortal doctor alive long enough to save the world. In this book you'll find all the tools you need to create characters or import characters you might have already (in the 'For Players' section), run the epic storyline and explore the terrifying madness as it unfolds (in the 'For GMs' section). Because Demigod characters have lots of options to play with, we don't recommend this as the first campaign for people who are new to Savage Worlds.


Fact File

Volume Information: Shanghai Vampocalypse is a 144 page high-art full color book.

Formats: The book is available as a PDF file from the Savage Mojo website (external link), as well as a print-on-demand (softcover or hardcover, standard or premium quality versions).

Dates: Launched in 2010, updated... any day now.

Trivia: Circa was the first ever Suzerain villain. When testing our first edition rules in 1997-1999 we created a set of six scenarios chasing Circa through time and space. At one GenCon gaming convention alone we ran 150+ demo games, with many players coming back to play multiple scenarios, and several coming back to play the same scenarios a second time.




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