Savage Worlds

     The Suzerain continuum was originally designed as a roleplaying game setting. First published in 1999, it focused on the adventures of souls that are reborn in new bodies when they die, possessing people in different realms to right wrongs across time and space.

     In 2007 Talisman Studios, later renamed Savage Mojo, created a new vision for Suzerain using two rules systems, Mojo Rules! and Savage Worlds (external link). Savage Worlds gave a different experience to Mojo Rules! by focusing on high octane action from start to finish, with quick, easy to learn combat rules that make it simple to run fights on an epic scale. Mojo Rules! favored balanced roleplay with a mix of investigation, combat, action sequences and social scenes.

     While Mojo Rules! was well received critically and still has fans around the world, it was the Suzerain experience hooking into the Savage Worlds community which took off. Mojo Rules! was put on hold in 2012 to focus energies on developing realms for "Savage Suzerain" as the Savage Worlds edition had become known, but may come back in the future.

     In 2013 Savage Mojo expanded into Pathfinder rules with the Dungeonlands setting books. Once again, this created the opportunity to offer a new gaming experience for the Suzerain continuum, more detail-focused than Savage Worlds but without the larger-scale set piece cinematic battles. With Dungeonlands being available for both rules systems it's easy to see how the same encounters differ between the two, for instance presenting a small number of complex, nuanced enemies in Pathfinder and larger-scale fast-paced conflict in Savage Worlds. There is no better or worse, just a chance to give both options to gamers with differing tastes.

     At present, the overview of the Savage Suzerain roleplay experience is captured in the Suzerain Continuum primer. Go take a look, and happy Suzeraining!



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