An RPG is a 'roleplaying game', where players take on the role of characters in a virtual setting, progressing those characters through a story. Many people play RPGs on a PC or console, but in Suzerain we talk about RPGs as pen-and-paper tabletop games in the style of Dungeons and Dragons.

     In tabletop RPGs the setting is administrated by the GM or 'game master', who takes the place of the computer or console in adjudicating what happens in response to characters' actions. The benefit is that a human being has much more flexibility than a computer, and adds a face-to-face social element to the experience, too.

     A tabletop RPG is made up of a set of rules (the 'rules system' of the game, such as Mojo Rules! or Savage Worlds) and the setting the characters live their virtual lives in. The Suzerain universe is made up of many realms, each of which is a potential setting for roleplaying.

     Roleplaying games are an interactive experience played around the table with friends and family. They promote a variety of social skills, develop language and math skills in children and adults alike, and are generally a good thing all around.


Live action roleplaying (LARP)

     While the current edition of Suzerain's RPGs have no rules for this style of play (yet!), the first edition - launched in 2000 - certainly did, and we'd like to ackowledge its existence. Live action roleplaying happens when players act out their character's actions rather than describing them while sitting around a table. Combat is simulated, but otherwise live action roleplay is much like being in an improvised play with a few rules to decide when actions succeed and fail.


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