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A Beginner's Guide

     In the Elements realm of Relic, Estev Brass-Ear is the quartermaster at the chapterhouse of the Guardians Of Austra in Yr208, when things get interesting around the city after a couple of hundred years of peace and relative calm. We're fortunate to have Estev here to give us an overview of some of the races you'll see around the city of Garris, which is a cultural melting pot of all the main cultures on the Great Expanse.

     Hey there. Okay, let's get started. There are many sentient races on the Great Expanse, not counting the hybrids that crop up occasionally, mixing the races up in one body. Of the more common races, most fall into one of three categories: the shifters, channelers and elementals.

     In a city like Garris about four in ten people are from a shifter race, about four in a hundred from a channeler race, and only four in a thousand are elementals - those guys are pretty rare for sure. To make matters more interesting in Austeria, not everybody stays the same race their whole life. Some folks start out one thing and become another. Nobody can say when or how. It might happen overnight while sleeping, or as the result of some trauma. A few start out human, turn non-human at some point, then become a hybrid of multiple races as the years go by. An elemental might change into a channeler, which could cause some serious issues. Just look at poor Jozena Basalt if you ever needed an example.

     Various races seem to crop up more in some communities than others. Two parents from the same race tend to have children of the same race, but the child might change later in life just like anyone else.

     There are also communities across Austeria formed by people of a race coming together with others of 'their kind', especially at places where people are known to change into that race spontaneously (and there are spots like that all over the world for different races). One small clan of barbarian dwarves is particularly famous among the Lehr barbarians, for instance. One of the larger nomad tribes is mostly made of centaurs. And there are plenty of other examples. For now, let's look at some individual races.


Examples of Races in Relic

     As an example of a shifter race, take a look at the fury.

     As an example of a channeler race, take a look at the aurora.

     As an example of an elemental race, take a look at the dwarf.


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