Noir Knights

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     This Savage realm of Suzerain is the tale of the 1930s Great Depression as you've never experienced it. For Heroic rank characters who are feeling particularly heroic, Noir Knights is part of our American Grit realm, where government agents investigate paranormal activity across a hard boiled film noir America.

     Whether it's a supernatural swampland encounter in Florida or otherworldly conspiracies in the corridors of power, the truth is out there - just waiting for your characters to find it. Industry and legend clash in a time of folk heroes, hobo mages, and secret societies.


America is a nation of dust and determination.
Ride the rails and prove your mettle.


     Inside the covers of this book you'll find what you need to run games in a supernatural 1930s. Many new character options include new Edges, Hindrances and Powers, weather-manipulating wizards, taxidermist reanimator priests, and hobo railwalker magic users - all as playable options! All inspired by the X-Files with femmes fatales and four-color G-men thrown in. Plus 30 scenarios including a full plot-point campaign taking characters from Heroic rank to the brink of becoming Demigods.



     Noir Knights is a setting book for the Roleplaying Game of the Suzerain continuum for the Savage Worlds (external link) rules system. Released in 2010 and being updated to a "continuum edition" in early 2014, it was the first Suzerain realm book set in a historical period and the first for Heroic rank characters, taking them up to the start of Suzerain's unique Demigod rank.

     Quoting from the book's What Is Noir Knights? text:

     Noir Knights is your own epic. This Savage Suzerain setting offers a pulpy romp through the terrible destitution and thundering opportunities of 1930s America. Secret organizations, hidden magic, strange technology, and hard-as-nails G-men collide and mix across the canvas of a shattered nation.

     Section One zooms in on Washington, D.C., the state of Florida, and the wild Midwest with everything players need to get started and craft their vigilante heroes, mystic hobos, repentant taxidermist priests, and inventor wizards.

     The mysteries and machinations of America's unknown malefactors lurk in Section Two. Additionally, Section Two is piled with dozens of plot point scenarios and Savage Tales. Vivid villains and thrilling twists will give you GMs everything you need to run many evenings of dynamic adventure. But players beware, only the GM should read past the section divider that says, "For GMs". Don't get tempted now, or it'll spoil the surprises.

     The nexus point for the American Grit realm is centered on an organization, the Special Projects Administration, or SPA for short. Characters work for the SPA in the book's campaign, and it links through to the other book set in American Grit, Millennium Knights. The SPA of the 1930s is a fledgling government organization still finding its feet in the world of supernatural horrors that go bump in the night. Decisions made during these early years may have repercussions throughout history...


Fact File

Volume Information: Noir Knights is a 144 page high-art full color book.

Formats: The book is available as a PDF file from the Savage Mojo website (external link), with a print-on-demand (softcover, or hardcover) volume coming soon.

Dates: Launched in 2010, updated 2014.

Trivia: Chaz Kemp is the sole illustrator for interior art on the book. Chaz specializes in the Art Nouveau style which fits the flavor of the setting perfectly. All the period advertisements in the book, such as the McCleanon Security advert near the start of the book and the Stogie advert later on, have subtle links to the plot of the PPC (plot-point campaign) or one of the Savage Tales. All the character images illustrate an NPC from the PPC or a Savage Tale.



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