The collision of two realms, Bloodstone and  (each a force of dark, gothic fantasy) is known as “The Nightfall”. With the city of Shadeside looking on warily, a new realm was formed.

     A source of power in its own right, the Nightfall event allows for people and… things… to be drawn between the shattered lands of the realm, feeding a sense of dread in those who live there. The collision of realms is like the collision of galaxies, a rare and unpredictable event. The Nightfall is the event and Nightfall is the new realm that was created. The realms of Bloodstone and were broken, pulling some lands from other realms and reshaping the shards of Bloodstone and into new geographies of horror.

     Think of these new lands as a patchwork quilt stitched together by the . Neither ruled by Icons nor traversed by the meek, the is a series of ghostly pathways and is the main way to get from land to land. Many dangers lurk in the chaos of the ’s ever-shifting design. At a crossroads in the middle of the lies the town of Haven. No Icon rules it and the people who come here are safe enough until darkness descends and the brumelurks appear from the mist.

     Still, there are more secrets to uncover and you can be a part of those through the campaign in the Nocturne book.

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