Navigation In Elements Realms


     The five Elements realms share an interesting problem when it comes to navigation - the Earth has no magnetic poles in those realms. The directions that someone from before the Pulse War would be familiar with won't do much good if you're trying to understand navigation in this realm. North, south, east, and west aren't in common use because they don't mean much without a magnetic north, which is one of the casualties of the Pulse War.

     Instead, there is the sky. The sun rising and setting give people 'riseward' and 'setward'. Following the sun's path then turning right means heading 'dextral', roughly north. Turning left is 'nistral', roughly south. There are regional variations, though... in the Relic continent of Austeria, dextral is 'steppeward', in the directions of the steppes, and nistral is 'seaward', in the direction of the sea.


Finding Your Way

     When compasses fail, each realm has to find its own methods of navigation over long distances. In Untamed Empires for instance the stars are the most reliable guides outside of a star shaman, but hiring one of those can get pretty expensive. A good map will help save a great deal of grief. The best ones are authorized by star shamans but there is always a map for every budget. What is the worst that could happen if you follow a cheap map? It will get you somewhere, most people figured, and it might even be more fun than taking the proper path.


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