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     It's 1999 in this Savage realm of Suzerain... almost no one believes monsters really exist. They're the stuff of legend and myth, right? Wrong. The world is filled with supernatural creatures just itching to feed on, enslave or wipe humanity from the face of the earth and only the world's finest agents stand between this paranormal horror and an unsuspecting public. These agents are skilled. These agents are well-equipped. These agents are deniable assets to the governments they serve.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Save the world!


     Within this book you'll find everything you need to run a game pitting human agents against supernatural threats: new character creation options in the form of Edges and Hindrances; tons of new gear for covert operations; a wealth of background information; and a complete plot point campaign, along with enough Savage Tales and stats for all manner of allies and adversaries to provide hours of high-octane fun. For Novice rank characters who are feeling particularly bold, Millennium Knights is part of our American Grit realm, where the world's best agents investigate paranormal activity and the truth is definitely out there, ready to chow down on your still-cooling corpse.



     Millennium Knights is a setting book for the Roleplaying Game of the Suzerain continuum for the Savage Worlds (external link) rules system. Released as a series of short setting guides in 2012, as a special edition "big book" in 2013, and being updated to a "continuum edition" in early 2014, it was the first Savage Suzerain book to revisit the same realm as another title (its sister book, Noir Knights, though the two are designed to be played stand-alone or together).

     Quoting from the book's What Is Millennium Knights? text:

     We've all heard about the monsters of legend - vampires, werewolves, swamp things, Frankenstein creations and the like. Unfortunately for us, many of them are very real. They have very real plans that mean horrific things for mankind, if they're not stopped.

     That's where your characters come in.

     Who thwarts the monsters and their diabolical plans? The Special Projects Administration, that's who. An international unit of covert agents who know the creatures of the dark and have all the latest tech for stopping them from going bump in the night. The men and women of the SPA are the agents, the expert assassins, the anonymous heroes of the world. We'll show you how to make a field agent, set up a team, and equip it. Then we'll show your GM some of the dastardly plans of the enemy, some of the secrets of the paranormal, and a plot worthy of the best spy thrillers.

     The SPA is always looking for a few good men and women to fight the good fight. The death toll is high, but the benefits can be awesome when you're saving the world.

     The nexus point for the American Grit realm is centered on an organization, the Special Projects Administration, or SPA for short. Characters work for the SPA in the book's campaign, and it links through to the other book set in American Grit, Noir Knights. The SPA of 1999 is no longer a fledgling government organization finding its feet in the world of supernatural horrors that go bump in the night. Global enemies require global response, with the very future at stake....


Fact File

Volume Information: Noir Knights is a 155 page high-art full color book.

Formats: The book is available as a PDF file from the Savage Mojo website (external link), with a print-on-demand (softcover, or hardcover) volume coming soon.

Dates: Launched in 2012, compiled and expanded in 2013, updated August 2014 to a Continuum Edition.

Trivia: Millennium Knights started as a play test setting for second edition Suzerain rules back in 2003, later developed into Mojo Rules!. Miles M Kantir, the Savage Mojo publisher, ran a full campaign called 'Shan State' in the setting. In 2010 conversion of the campaign setting for publication began, with the book called 'Covert Ops' until the end of 2011. Only then did it become Millennium Knights.



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