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     At Savage Mojo we like to put little hidden secrets into our work. With American Grit we had a chance to link together all sorts of threads in interesting, subtle ways. We show a couple of them below. Can you find others?


Warning: There are minor spoilers on this page if you plan to be a player in any of these scenarios.


The Gordon-Yancy Link

     One character that features in Millennium Knights is Roberta Gordan-Yancy, the supervisor in charge of the SPA in America. Gordon-Yancy is the daughter of Loraine Gordon, the heroes' Task Force Coordinator in the 1930s, and Jason Yancy, a heroic Department of Investigations agent. These two work with the characters in Noir Knights quite a bit, so it's neat that we see, through Millennium Knights, that they become a couple after the events of that book finish and have a daughter, who herself becomes a big cheese in the SPA.

     The neat thing here is that the characters start in 1999 as Novice characters, playing through Millennium Knights. So they meet Roberta Gordon-Yancy first, as the big boss of the SPA. When they time shift back to the 1930s using their new-found powers as Heroic characters, they get to meet first Gordon, then Yancy, the two ultimate good-guy NPCs.


Teasing The Millennium

     Here's another Easter Egg that's also a bit of trivia about Millennium Knights. On page 102 of Noir Knights we talk about what happens after the campaign finishes. In the 1980s the CIA sets up an "SPA" budget line item and The President gets asked what this SPA is. His answer is, "Covert Ops".

     Well, this is a cheeky reference to Millennium Knights. Throughout much of its early planning and development Millennium Knights was known by its codename: Covert Ops. In this way we give a subtle nod to Millennium Knights and key events in the American Grit realm.


Stretching The Timeline

     Although American Grit is a Timeline realm based around the Special Projects Administration, some of the hidden Easter Eggs also stretch into other realms.

     There's a mention to Doctor Wu in Millennium Knights. In one of the adventures, you have to solve a problem of weird deaths from bizarre monsters before a science conference. A younger doctor Wu is in this conference, the same one whose work on a retro-virus is the only hope for Shanghai in the Shanghai Vampocalypse campaign. In fact, he becomes the focus for the story.

     While Shanghai Vampocalypse is part of the Circa Cycle realm centered on the villain (Circa), it's set in 2048, right near the end of the Timeline era. As such it makes sense that events from 1999 and even 1934 might resonate in Shanghai Vampocalypse.     

     As another example, Millennium Knights features a young girl you must rescue from the Ordo Octostium named Ester West. To anyone who has played or ran Noir Knights, the last name "West" should sound familiar. Manny West is a character in Noir Knights that you end up saving three times throughout the campaign and Ester West is, in fact, his granddaughter.

     Since Shanghai Vampocalypse is a Demigod rank campaign, it's possible to play Millennium Knights (Novice to heroic), then Noir Knights (Heroic to Demigod), then Shanghai Vampocalypse (Demigod to God). Links like these help make the whole time line seem alive and real.


A Parting Thought

     Here's an Easter Egg that's even more important in the grand scheme of things. After Millennium Knights, Ester West is the person who discovers how to infuse Pulse into objects, which is the key to most of the technology in Shanghai Vampocalypse and which later leads to the Pulse War. Without the Pulse War there wouldn't be a Relic setting, and so there'd be no Caladon Falls or Dungeonlands for that matter. Easter Egg-tastic!


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