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White Silver Wolves Report One

Lt. Kandar's Northern Olaran Report

Lt. Kandar

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Per orders, we had been gathering men in our own camp just south of Camp Wolfhaven. Preparations were completed by the 8th of Falling Ice 8th, 3126.

The company departed Camp Wolfhaven view the Tarnn road early on the 9th, and marched west until reaching Tarnn on the 13th. Camping outside the city.

Departing on the 14th, we turned north and reached the crossroads by the 17th. Camp west of Crossroads.

Departing on the 18th, we continued north, taking barracks at fort Bearheart.

Departing Bearheart on the 20th we turned west, following the Branosh road until the 21st, before turning south and west cross country. Weather poor, terrain soggy and snowed.

By the 27th, we reached the location of our base camp and established a perimeter. Dispatched pickets and videttes.

Single incident report. Videttes under command of PFC Drainar (dwarf) and PFC (Wanderkill) encountered and successfully repelled testing assault by forces of Darkness on or after the 13th hour of the 27th.

I and a fist of cavalry arrived in support and put to route they remaining enemy troops.

Special accommodation for Sarel for incapacitating and capturing an enemy combatant, a male werewolf.

Unit profile:
PFC Drainar (Command) (Dwarf)
PFC Wanderkill (XO) (Brinchie)
Sarel (Korindian)
Skoriss (Dregordian)


Edited: 18-Mar-2017

Adventures with Darkness

A Korindian's tale

3126, 28th of Falling Ice

With reflection, it’s becoming clear my line of work will continue to get steadily more difficult regarding skirmishes even if unintended with the denizens of darkness. Recruited into service within one of the newest extensions of the White Silver Wolves at the 8th of Falling Ice, I got to meet the stern, Captain Helt. A clan of decorated and wise warriors this did not surprise me, though the second in command Lieutenant Kander, admittedly a bit of a dandy from Galea striked me as callous to the soldiers. Tough love or detachment from high losses it was a task to ponder. In between long arduous treks from Tarnn to the crossroads and into Bearheart prior to passed the borders left little on gossip…barring apparently 101 ways to say butt plug; a peculiar lot.

Notified by the Lieutenant of whom I was assigned with, pride rarely affects my demeanor. Witnessing a few waving those mediocre Grayson Grey Rangers with immediate seniority in a mercenary company simply is irritating. A veteran sellsword has perhaps more experience as well as more versed thanks to the countless jobs they take and the competition faced all throughout. I suppose cannot hold the dwarf Drainor or Wanderkill the Brinchie with too much disregard. The Dregordian was a fascinating one..his name or language escapes me sadly…. Skorizzz.. Soriss… We venture farthest of the groups into enemy territory, engulfed in a forest. Luckily my talents in the Wilderness pulled off finely, building a fire that was as concealable as possible. The Dregordian complained about the cold…I argue being hidden was essential but it wasn’t my call.

Staking a claim for being less vulnerable, I headed upward on the trees where I settled for a decent lookout hidden in view and sleep safely. Slumber escaped a few hours in by the combination of wails perhaps of cats breeding and a feral beast. Being awaken with my eyes peering north indicated the Brinchie and Dregordian were out battling in all likelihood combatants from Shaya’nor. Stealth was the wise option for discretion, unable to really tell the state of those in the battle truth to be told. What however startled and broke my concentration where the appearance of two werewolves. Between mentally feinting them and parrying with my blades they left no scratches. I was growing to loathe these mutts, disemboweling one with my silver wooden blade carved by the Silvertree. The other was bludgeoning relentlessly into unconsciousness. It seemed appropriate in case the enemies hidden escape.

Though the signal made earlier by the spellcasting Drainor for reinforcements, more wolves sought me out likely for revenge. The multitude of my baneful battle with them involved fragments of my hair shredded off by dodging, narrowingly avoiding claws with little scratches adding up and strain in defending properly against them. One was larger than the numbers, potentially its leading Alpha like any canine pack. A flurry of lethal thrusts of my silvery blade plunged into them, pausing their advances slightly. My shoulder was clipped by its noxous claws, bleeding and in pain fueled with anger. Crying for assistance which wounded my pride but ensured living, the Dregordian who looked wounded appeared. It amazed me how much fighting prowess he possessed with his people’s polearm which shruck the numbers against me after myself forcing one back to the void.

Before seizing the opportunity to capture another, the accursed lizard slew the Alpha before I could capitalize on its weakened state prior to his arrival. Regardless one could not complain about living, the cavalry literally arrived with blood caking their lances. Before them was Lieutenant Kander. My own highlight excluding surviving was the bewilderment of having us capture a werewolf..most seeing them as just feral wolves standing upright. I wanted to dig the information out of him, but first it was double ration for a mission mostly successful.

By the Ascended and sod the void,

Sarel the Predator, Korindian warrior for hire and White Silver Wolf

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