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Set on the far western border of Olara in the walled town of Echer’Naught, the Rangers of the Greenway road patrol the highway running between the City of Harken and the great Elven forest of Landra’Feya. Serving as an extra-territorial security force, the Rangers must keep the King’s peace, defend against incursion of the forces of Darkness, Flame and the Prelacy of Camon while maintaining difficult political relations with ever demanding nobility.

Welcome to the Rangers of the Greenway Road!

Edited: 18-Mar-2017

Campaign Report 82

The Changing of the Guard

Report Filed 14th Falling Ice 3126

Sergeant Minor Amelia Whitestone

2nd Dark Moons, 3125

As mentioned in my previous report, my team, minus RFC Ramshorn, returned through the Ebonway to the basement safehouse of the, as of yet, unidentified criminal empire to rejoin our “allies” the werewolf brother of the new wife of our commander Colonel Wolfhaven, who also happens to be the absentee Lord Mayor of Echer’Naught, the Necromancer hired to transport us, and the smuggler/criminal Trokash who it seems has regular dealings with both the Col and Alpha team during prior missions.

The Werewolf, Necromancer, and Smuggler all survived the mission without injury.

We returned with Sergeant Major Magor Stormhammer who, other than nakedness and some loss of hair, survived the extraction well. He had previously received a mortal wound to his abdomen which he informed me he would get immediately treated.

Again, as mentioned, the Werewolf brother-in-law to Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven murdered the Necromancer in cold blood before leaving our company. Of the Smuggler, I know not. He managed to slip away quietly during the confusion of our return. I have no doubt that he will be a regular contract for out team, based on the Ranger’s current operational standards.

While the rest of my team recovered from their wounds, I exited the criminal safehouse to recon the area. Farspeaker Moonsilver had been in constant contact and had, per agreement, dispatched security and healers to our location as soon as we made the gate. They arrived within minutes, Wolfhaven Free Riders establishing a perimeter and Ranger Healers tending to my wounded.

Sergeant Major Stormhammer refused any onsight healing and, taking Ranger Moldova’s cloak, stomped his way back to the city. After which, I lost all contact until returning over a month later.

Once our immediate medical needs were attended to, I assembled my team, mounted up, and headed north to the Wolfhaven Barony. Considering the recent mission, and the fact that our activities were still “off-books”, my standing orders were to retreat to the Wolfhaven Barony and wait for further orders. As my team required to time heal and process the recent events, I declined to object. However, while Colonel Wolfhaven is in command of the Rangers, but pretends to maintain his Olaran duties as separate, as evidenced by the travesty of a court, it is questionably ethical for him to use his private residence as a retreat for his “favored” Rangers.

It being winter, and the ground still snowed, we made roadside accommodations along the way at a couple of inns that have begun to thrive on increased traffic from Echer’Naught.

4th of Dark Moons, 3125

On the 4th of Dark Moons, 3125 we arrived at the Wolfhaven Barony at just after dark. My team was given quarters according to station, not position within the Rangers. Corporal Ravenwood-Regillus joined her husband in their private suite. Corporal Volstagg and Ranger Nexus was also affored private quarters due to her elevated station. Even Sir Stahn, who had been in charge of securing and transporting our gear to the Manor also received his own accommodations.

Ranger Amaroth, as a Sworn of the House was bunked with the other Sworn in the barracks. Rangers Moldova and Daynore received smaller accommodations. I was offered a private room, but I declined opting for an office with a cot and a fireplace.

A few hours after arrival we were summoned to attend Baroness Wolfhaven. She graciously welcomed us to her home and provided refreshment. After which, my Rangers retired to whatever tasks or relaxation suited their interest and I resumed communication with Farspeaker Moonsilver and received updates on the war and other situations of potential import.

Of note, while making my rounds, I noted that the Wolfhaven Barony has been recently rebuilt using Stonesingers from Stahlheim, no doubt gifts from the Colonels many admirers. Though, I find it odd how little furnished the manorhouse has remained. It seems uncharacteristic of the Baroness to allow such details of fashion to escape her attention. Also of note, the defense of the Manor House has been assigned to Sir Regillus. He is, as of the 4th, only beginning work on the walls and ramparts, using, I might note, Tempest design and techniques with further assistance from Stahlheim.

We remained on “leave” for two more days before I received an emergency assignment from Farspeaker Moonsilver. A “package” was being stored at a nearby farmhouse and required Ranger security until it could be examined and retrieved. I was ordered to assemble my team and proceed east. From there, I would be given more instruction. Also, I was to inform no one outside my team, not even our gracious hosts.

6th of Dark Moons, 3125

I complied. We departed with an hour of receiving orders and proceeded on a days ride cross country until we reached the farmhouse. The trip would have taken half the time were I not forced to stop and wait for more direction at each leg of the journey.

7th of Dark Moons, 3125

Regardless, we reached the farmhouse late on the 7th. I approached as ordered and found RFC Leaora Nazir waiting at the farmhouse. She had no fire, no lights. I ordered Corporal Volstagg to stable the horses, Corporal Ravenwood to scout and I entered to find out what our mission was.

I should have been surprised to discover that the “package” was an overweight Olaran merchant, but I was not. I was, however, surprised that RFC Nazir was equally in the dark. She seemed to know less that I. Standard Ranger Protocol.

My orders were to secure the package, and so I posted Corporal Volstagg and Ranger Amaroth in the room itself with our “guest”, Rangers Moldova and Zathlan took the main room/kitchen. Corporal Ravenwood and Ranger Daynore took the back and front of the house, respectively, outside. I took RFC Nazir with me, not fully trusting her, away from the house. I had strict orders NOT to send or receive Telepathic communication from near the farmhouse. So, we marched out into the night to wait for the scheduled report.

We were gone just over an hour. When we returned, I found the entire situation had gone straight to the Abyss. We had just cleared the treeline when I spotted Ranger Amaroth, covered in wounds and blood, standing over the body of Ranger Daynore. Amoroth seemed out of it, possibly berserk. No sigh of other activity.

I posted Nazir to my right with orders to drop anyone coming at us, and approached Amaroth, sword drawn and ordered him to drop his weapon and surrender. He seemed…dazed, confused. Clearly he was not in his right mind. Due to his most recent mark with Flame, I was forced to assume that he had snapped and gone over completely.

His eyes started to focus and he seemed to regain some awareness, then, in shock, dropped his bloody sword into the snow by Daynore’s cooling body.

At about this time, Corporal Ravenwood turned the corner of the house. Following orders, Nazir hit her with a knife, Ravenwood responded by firing an arrow through Nazir’s arm. If the Corporal were fallen or puppeted, this situation was truly tossed. I gave Corporal Ravenwood a single order to stand down. She complied, to my relief, as did Nazir.

I am glad. My only other option would have been to close the distance fast enough and kill Ravenwood before she could loose one of her arrows.

Ravenwood stood down, but I did not lower my guard. I ordered Nazir to clear the house. Though I could not trust her, I at least knew that she had been with me when the attack happened AND if she were my enemy, she could have more easily attacked me while alone. In fact, I had hoped she would try.

Nazir emerged from the house and confirmed my fears. My team was down, the “package” gone. Though, strangely, though all had suffered head wounds, none were slain. Odd.

Nazir was wounded and, again, the most trustworthy at the moment. I ordered her to secure Amaroth and remain at the house while I tracked our attacker with Corporal Ravenwood. I ordered the Corporal to take point. If she were going to make a move, it would afford me a few precious seconds to reach her before she loosed.

Without error, Corporal Ravenwood tracked the attacker and the “package” to a clearing not far away. There, we came upon the “package” standing alone in the snow, gazing up at the sky, unmoving, not even to shiver. His posture reminded me somewhat of Amaroth’s, but far more…permanent. I approached while Ravenwood covered me. If that were a mistake, it would have been my last.

Coming around the man’s front I could tell he was dead. His lifeless eyes simply stared up. I touched him lightly and he toppled backwards into the snow with a wet thud. Stranger. He had not a mark on him.

In the dark, we could find no more tracks, so I shouldered the corpse and trudged back to the farmhouse with Ravenwood on watch.

Arriving, I dumped the body in the snow nearby and began to collect the other fallen Rangers and lay them in their bedrolls, making sure to cover them well. No sense having them die of exposure or frostbite while unconscious.

We tended to them, RFC Nazir, Corporal Ravenwood, and myself, all maintaining suspicious watch over each other. Ranger Amaroth shivered and remained silent, contemplative. We tended his wounds as best we could.

Over five hours later, Volstagg stirred. His body I had been forced to roll into the cot in the back. He was too heavy to move in his plate. Upon waking he shouted for me. When I entered, he accused me of attacking him and taking the man. At which point, I honestly had nothing to counter other than I knew that I had not.

We convinced him to at least entertain the idea that I was not an assassin and coaxed him out. He informed us that he had been watching the man read, Amaroth alseep in the cot, when I had knocked on the door and asked to speak with him. He let me in, I questioned him about the man, what he was reading and if he had checked for weapons. When I ordered him to search the man, he turned to comply when I struck him in the back of the head and made a move on the man.

Some time later, Ranger Moldova awoke and also accused me of attacking her. She said that I had returned from my trip with Nazir, asked her about her condition, commented on how quickly Ranger Zathlan had slept before knocking her out too. And then, presumably, striking Zathlan who was still out.

Ranger Daynore awoke next and provided the most useful intel. According to him, something posing as me had approached him and demanded a report. He was just informing it, me, that neither he, nor Corporal Ravenwood out back had seen anything when he realized that I had called Ravenwood by her first name, Samira. I am not wont to do so. That tipped him that it might be an imposter.

Sadly, the imposter realized this, “turned into a puddle?”, appeared behind him and struck him down just like the others.

Eventually, Ranger Zathlan also awoke, but she had little to offer. She had been asleep when struck.

As for Ranger Amaroth. He claims to have gone to sleep in the back room to get rest before his watch and then awoke standing in the yard, bloody, wounded with me threatening to run him through. He had no memory of the attack, how he received his wounds, whose blood was on his sword…nothing.

8th of Dark Moons, 3125

Before the excitement, Farspeaker Moonsilver had informed me that we would be receiving special reinforcements. A few hours after dawn, Ravenwood and Nazir alerted us that a stranger was approaching from the woods. I posted in the door, Ravenwood covered from a window.

The Stranger was a human man, dressed in nondescript travelling clothes, gray cloak, wide hat, and staff. I have less suspicious-looking ratzin. As soon as he approached, I gave him orders to halt while I sent RFC Nazir to confirm his identify. I had a feeling she would somehow know. I was proven correct.

However, he seemed equally suspicious of our team. And since we did not know him and he knew nothing of us, and Nazir’s word notwithstanding, he demanded that we submit to an immediate mind scan. And Adept. Unsurprising.

What was surprising is that he permitted Daynore to scan him first as a sign of good will. Once Daynore gave the nod, the Stranger proceeded to scan the team, starting with me and working around. He hung up on both Ravenwood and Amaroth, not unexpected. He also found Daynore of interest, but apparently, none of us were enemy agents. Though, he admitted any of us MIGHT be shades. Lovely.

Once done with the mutual mental under and over, we explained to him the situation, the attack, and the missing package. He immediately demanded to know if any of us had memory loss. I found his question suspiciously on point. We indicated Amaroth. Without asking, he probed more deeply and confirmed what we all suspected, Amaroth’s mind had been wiped.

So, with that news, the Stranger and Nazir went off to track the assassin while my team healed and made preparations to leave. Without a package to secure, our presence was hardly required. Only RFC Nazir returned, about a half our later. She explained our mystery reinforcements was tracking the attacker.

At this point it was fairly obvious that someone was running an operation that we were but disposable parts. In truth, I have little issue sacrificing myself or my team in defense of the Rangers and the Southern Kingdoms. I have zero patience for cloak and dagger missions. As the too neatly ordered farmhouse, conveniently well maintained but suspiciously empty was obviously some form of waystation or safe-house for such operations, I felt it only appropriate that we be compensated for our time. If my team is to be treated as mercenaries, then we may as well behave as such.

Before we rode out that morning on the 8th, we took all the supplies we could carry. I am certain the costs will simply disappear into whatever hole all the other costs for shadow mission fall.

10th of Dark Moons, 3125

We arrived back at the Barony on the 10th, and took up residence. Each day I requested orders and each day I was ordered to hold and wait. So, we waited. more than four weeks. At some point, I learned that Corporal Volstagg and various female members of our unit availed themelves of the “bathes” in the manor for a group drinking session.

It is not my purview to regulate the private lives of my men. And, we have been on leave for some time. The Rangers lax attitude toward fraternization, that said, I find it highly disturbing for members of the team, in particular one bent on attaining command to have such casual relationships with those he ostensibly does and will command. Though, I am in no position to comment or reprimand. It is simply a situation I must contend with and, inevitably, deal with when it presents issues. I much prefer the Olaran system.

13th of Dark Moons, 3125

Three days later, on the 13th of Dark Moons, 3125, Ranger Amaroth entered my office, early, to inform me that his memories had flooded back. He confirmed that my doppelganger had attacked. He awoke to find “her” lowering Volstagg’s unconscious body to the floor, no small feat of strength. Then, when he rose to engage, the “package” fled like a coward.

He and the attacker exchanged blows, but she/it, retreated to chase down the man. Amaroth gave chase, found himself outside nearly stumbling over Daynore’s body. Pausing to confirm if his teammate was alive or dead, he was struck from behind, then all went black. His report merely confirmed what we already knew. Though, still no word on who the “package” was, why RFC Nazir was involved, or who our “special reinforcements” actually was.

I doubt I will ever have clearance to know. Not that I particularly care.

1st of Falling Ice, 3126

We continued to wait, as stated for weeks. At the turn of the new year, 3126, Corporal Volstagg, again, hosted a Ribald. He invited the entire team, myself included. They attended, I did not. I believe Corporal Ravenwood also declined. By all accounts, most everyone had fun, got drunk, and generally made the fool. I am glad they are healing so well.

Both Ranger Amaroth and Corporal Volstagg sought me out to wish me well in the new year. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I could not care less about the date, or celebrations. A month we have sat on our hands. Rest is one thing, this… We are being sidelined. And command refuses to provide any information.

I also think my Rangers are concerned about my well-being. Again, sentiment is appreciated, but their ministrations are ill-placed. The fact that a commander maintaining military bearing and non-fraternization with the troops is viewed with such pity spells doom for the Corps as a whole. If Corporal Volstagg is to be the measure of inter-unit relations, I fear I have no place here. Odd, I never suspected the Col of such liberties, despite his many other faults. Perhaps I am entirely wrong about him as well.

9th of Falling Ice, 3126

On the 9th of Falling Ice, 3126, Baron Wolfhaven returned from the the front with fanfare appropriate to his station. As per protocol, we attended his arrival. He conducted his greetings with an admirable efficiency. Then, invited all to eat. While dining, he expressed his desire to get on with the reading of RFC Ramshorn’s will as soon as possible. I could not have agreed more.

After a brief respite to change and clean, the Colonel invited us all into his private office. We were also joined by the Ogress Fekla who has been an on-again, off-again member of the team. She crouched outside while we all packed into the room.

I will leave the details for the Will to stand alone. His shield I turned over to the Colonel, per RFC Ramshorn’s wishes. After the reading, we hosted the last call. Baron Wolfhaven opened the floor, explaining his exemplary record. Nearly everyone spoke, even Sir Regillus. I spoke last. Despite my misgiving about his flame-touch, and his criminal record, Ramshorn had ever done his duty and he died as an Olaran. I could ask for no better.

During the evening, the Baron returned the shield to me and instructed me to pass it on to the newest of my team which used shields. And as each new member added, the shield would be passed on, protecting the least experienced of the group. I accepted with honor.

I left about the same time as the Colonel, though in the hall, I noted Corporal Ravenwood also stopping to speak with him. After enough campaigns, you get a sense of which attacks are going to go wrong, and which of your men have seen enough.

Feeling reflective, I went out to sit in the cold, and allow the brisk air to focus my thoughts. After some time, I was joined by Corporal Ravenwood. She informed me of the deal struck with the Colonel. Ravenwood, Lady Regillus, was transferring out, taking a desk job back in Echer’Naught. More important, she was with child. I hope only the best for her. She will be missed.

10th of Falling Ice, 3126

The following morning on the 10th, a small service was held in the Chapel, some of my Rangers failed to make it due to excess the night before. The Baron stayed only long enough before leaving for the front. Just before noon on the 10th, I called the team together.

First, I informed them that, at long last, we were to return to active duty in Echer’Naught. Second, all of those participating in the mission received a promotion.

I was promoted to Sergeant Minor

Corporal Samira Ravenwood Regillus was promoted to Sergeant
Corporal Gunther Volstagg was promoted to Sergeant. 
Ranger Nexus Zathlan was promoted to Ranger First Class
Ranger Gracelyn Moldova was promoted to Ranger First Class
Ranger Durlan Daynore was promoted to Ranger First Class
Ranger Audric Amaroth, was promoted to Ranger First Class

Also, we informed the unit that upon our arrival, Sergeant Ravenwood would be leaving our company and that she was with child. The fact that she would retire safely, and with the hope of a family seemed to cheer the group. I do not believe I have ever witnessed a unit more pleased to lose one of their own.

11th of Falling Ice, 3126

We left the following morning before dawn on the 11th and rode hard. Later on the 12th of Falling Ice, we reached the city of Echer’Naught.

12th of Falling Ice, 3126

As we entered the North Gate, we passed a new stature in the courtyard. It would seem that Sergeant Magor Stormhammer carved a likeness of Ramshorn twice his normal height, and placed it just inside the gate, facing inward; a constant guardian and reminder of sacrifice. The inscription our unofficial motto: “There is no heroism without sacrifice.” That and RFC Thorgram Ramshorn, 3125

That statue had a sobering effect on the team. But, we returned immediately to the Regional HQ where I took the liberty of my quasi-official status to deliver a verbal report to the acting Colonel. I informed him of our collaboration with Darkness to recover Stormhammer, and the loss of one of our own. I then informed him of our second off-book mission that might have been a complete failure, though being completely ignorant of the actual mission, I could not say. I did provide a location of the corpse should he wish to have it retrieved. I then explained that I was leaving his office to deliver the report to my true commander, Sir Halten, and that he had, maybe, 3-4 hours to decide how the Rangers wished to spin the events.

With that, I made good on my word, riding to Sir Halten’s estate. There, we were ushered into his office within fifteen minutes of our arrival, a small miracle. I delivered more or less the same report, informing him that I had previously reported to the Rangers. As I was leaving, he asked about the nature of Ramshorn’s death. I explained that he died as an Olaran. His only comment was, “Surprising.” He also congratulated me on a job well done, another shocker.

Exiting his office on my own volition, I dismissed my team and informed them that, until told otherwise, they were still on leave. I then left. I can assume they went off to drink. That seems to be their new norm.

14th of Falling Ice, 3126

Finally, on the eve of the 14th of Falling Ice I received orders to arrive at Sir Haltens. Upon arriving, I noted a Ranger Trainee Ogre in the courtyard. Clearly, this was a new member of my team. I could think of no other reason why Sir Halten would permit him entry to his estate. I met with the Sheriff while my team waited outside.

Grendel, as the Ogre was named, was only the first of my new recruits which would be straggling in over the next few days. We also had a new assignment to begin as soon as my team assembled. Malcom request my presence.

Exiting the office, I introduced the team to Grendel. After ordered them to get him sorted, I left to meet with Malcom secure that they would take care of the Trainee. Though I am non-plussed about our new assignment, anything is better than standing around useless for a month.

Time will tell how the new members fit with the group. With Lady Regillus gone, there is no one left from the original team. Sad to say, I doubt most of us will be here within six months. The Rangers of Echer’Naught are not an occupation for those who care to have long, productive lives.

I will add an addendum here: Let it be noted that Ranger Muriel, Ramshorn’s Donkey also received a promotion to RFC. Moreover, despite a deep depression following his death, reports state that she seems to be eating now and is working on the front lines near Bearheart. I cannot say why I would care about the drunk ass who caused more trouble than half my team, but part of me hopes she also finds a way to survive her service and live out a long, happy life.

Sergeant Minor Amelia Whitestone

RFC Audric Amaroth Report

Date: 14th of Falling Ice, 3126
To: Ranger Command of Echer’Naught

Things change as time goes on, People come and people go. That does not mean, however, that they are not monumental events or, as the case may be, disheartening Still, through these trials and tribulations we are required to press on. If we don’t do it, someone else will. I suppose that is what makes us different: We’re willing to do it so someone else doesn’t have to…

2nd of Dark Moons, 3125

We had arrived back from our trip to that dark Dimension. A group of healers tended to us, making sure none of us were facing infection. From there, Sergeant Amelia Whitestone orders us to mount up and, rather than heading to Echer’Naught like Sergeant Major Stormhammer, we ride North.

After a few hours we shack up at an Inn and settle in. We rested the night there and, surprisingly, we were able to sleep in and get some food in our guts before we started off once again. There was very little said, in truth. I guess a lot of people were reflective of their own experiences. I suspected that a lot of the team was troubled — Thorgram’s death being a burden on them, plus their own convictions being put to the test. Even I was troubled as I tried to sort out what this curse meant for me.

By late on the 4th of Dark Moons we arrived at our destination: The Wolfhaven Barony.

We were given the usual welcome and our mounts are set up from us. I took a few moments to familiarize myself with the place — it was bare at the moment, probably do still being under construction. I did not linger long, however, for Volstagg began to disrobe and indulge in a bath. I knew not to linger as he began to beckon food to accompany his bath.

I am told I should try one, as it will change my opinion of bathing forever. Unfortunately, I do not desire that change. Mainly because I know I probably will never experience anything like it again. Better to never leave myself wanting..

A few hours after our arrival, the bell was sounded and we were summoned to The Main Hall by Baroness Wolfhaven. She informs us that we will be staying at the Barony Estate for sometime. Everyone is, essentially, on vacation. I, however, have obligations as a sworn and so join the reconstruction efforts.

It was during this time I was able to witness some of the marvels that money can buy when using dwarves — Stalhiem dwarves at that. They were able to warp the stone into a seamless sheet. It is rather impressive..

It was also during this time I had the pleasure of a few passing conversations with Sir Regillus. How I would love to pick his brain and learn even a fraction of the things he knows.

On the 6th of Dark Moons the routine was broken up by a summons from Sgt. Whitestone. We are going on a unique mission — it’s a week long trip for us to secure a package. The option is on the table for us to remain, but none elect to do so. Our journey was, admittedly, a hassle. Sgt. Whitestone got updates from, I assume, Eric Moonsilver on the directions. We would go to a spot, she’d pause, and then we would adjust and keep moving.

7th of Dark Moons

That night we arrived at a house where we met Ranger First Class Leaora Nazir. She had our “package” — a fat man with a book. We weren’t told anything else of him. He simply was the object of our eye. We are assigned shifts of 4 hours. Volstagg and I will be watching the “package”. Volstagg offers to stand watch first so I make it a point to go to bed.

When I finally come to, I felt disoriented. I could hear a roaring at me and I felt cold. As my senses flooded in, I became aware of Sgt. Whitestone, RFC Nazir beside her, holding a sword to me telling me to drop my weapon. Confused, I looked down to find myself covered in blood and Ranger Daynore at my feet.

I was panicked, consumed with the grief that I must have done this. Then, as the situation developed, I became aware of my wounds as the pain began to grow. I requested of Sgt. Whitestone to permit me two steps back and allow me to take a knee. She did, but I could see her guard was still up.

During my submission, Corporal Samira Ravenwood ran around the corner of the house and RFC Nazir subsequently threw a knife at her and Cpl Ravenwood retaliated by taking her arm with an arrow. Sgt. Whitestone defused the situation and Nazirhealed her wound, regaining use of her arm.

Nazir was sent to inspect the house and came back to report the rest of the team was down — expertly targeted with a blow to the back of the skull, more importantly to the spine, which left them incapacitated. So, it seems I didn’t go nuts after all..

RFC Nazir was ordered to stay with me while Sgt. Whitestone and Clp. Ravenwood followed after the tracks that had been discovered. When they returned, the “package” was dead. Sgt. Whitestone buried it in the snow.

Volstagg was the first to wake up who accused Sgt. Whitestone of striking him in the back of the head. The way he explained it, Sgt. Whitestone asked Volstagg to inspect the package for weapons and to see what he was reading. When he stepped away from the door he fell to the floor.

Ranger Gracelyn Moldova awoke next — She said she interacted with Sgt. Whitestone, who expressed how easily Ranger Zathlan went to sleep before subsequently knocking her out.

Ranger Daynore awoke next and said he had a conversation with what turns out to be someone posing as Sgt. Whitestone. The only reason he noticed it was because the impostor called Clp. Ravenwood by her first name. Either he is extremely paranoid, or extremely astute. Perhaps both? In either case, after he unearthed the impostor, she/he/it melded into liquid shadow and popped up behind him and knocked him unconscious.

Once Zathlan woke up (who never came to) we all just say around and awaited the next play. We didn’t wait long as RFC Nazir called for a halt. The figure says he is expected and gets cleared by RFC Nazir. Whomever this man is, I only know that he is an adept.

Once he knew of the situation, he elected to scan everyone to see if we had any displacement or issues with our heads. Turns out, I was the winner. My mind had been tampered with and that’s why from going to sleep to becoming aware with the Sergeant holding a sword at me…

And that solved my mystery. Just my luck. First ya lose and eye, then you get brain damage. Needless to say, RFC Nazir escorts the man to where they found the body of our “package” and when she gets back, off to the Barony we go…

We get back on the 10th, but its on the 13th that my memories come back. As soon as I had them, I found Sgt. Whitestone. She was, of course, in her office. But she certainly was more relaxed than I had ever seen her. Instead of her usual armor, she was wearing a lighter gear. She.. Well either way I reported my memories.

I was awoken that night by Volstagg hitting the ground. I sprang to and grabbed my sword and engaged this figure who looked like Sgt. Whitestone. I screamed for help. I, however, made no sound. In fact, nothing in the room did. It was all silenced. During our conflict the package ran and my assailant looked annoyed with the whole thing. As I gave pursuit, I found Ranger Daynore on the ground. Then I felt pain and everything went white…

After my report I was dismissed. I didn’t bother to go back to bed.

We were here for a month, and I continued to build walls and do what was expected of me. I, unlike the others, are not a guest of this place. Aside from Lady Regillus — she is of the house and afforded a bit of luxury. I did notice she was looking a bit pale though..

On the New Year, Corporal Volstagg had a party. We let lose and celebrated. It had been a long time since I had let go like that.. I’m almost scared to again. In either case I made it a point to have a small toast with Sgt. Whitestone. She seems very dedicated to her work and I hope she finds some joy in it. Lately, she seems to be a bit angry due to the treatment of the unit and herself. I can’t say I blame her.

9th of Falling Ice, 3126

The horns go off and we gather in post as Wolfhaven returns from his time in the field. It seems, however, his stay is to be brief as he has to return back to the battles at hand. Being he is a skilled general, there is none better to have in the North than Lord Wolfhaven.

It is on this day, after my Lord settles in, that we have the reading of The Last Will and Testament of Ranger First Class Thorgram Ramshorn. It was a somber moment — not the usual celebration that I am use to with Last Calls. But, I will say that I am sorry to see Thorgram go.

He has had an impact on so many in this group, even Volstagg. It will not be the same without him on the wall. I only hope that there are more people in the world like him — shining beacons in the darkness.

On the 10th we are informed we have one last day at the Wolfhaven Barony. We leave for Echer’Naught in the morning. Samira will be taking a desk assignment due to her pregnancy. Also, attention to orders is called

Lady Samira Ravenwood Regillus is promoted to Sergeant
Sir Gunther Volstagg is promoted to Sergeant. 
Lady Nexus Zathlan promoted to Ranger First Class
Gracelyn Moldova is promoted to Ranger First Class
Durlan Daynore is promoted to Ranger First Class
I, Audric Amaroth, am promoted to Ranger First Class
Amelia Whitestone is promoted to Sergeant Minor

Before we leave I made it a point to have a talk with Lady Wolfhaven about my status with the house. I will not reveal the details here as it is not Ranger Business, but it was, most illuminating.

12th of Falling Ice we return to the ranger city of Echer’Naught. On our arrival we see the newest edition to the North Gate: A large statue, the size of a Minotaur, stands facing the city and bears the likeness of Thorgram Ramshorn. Well done, Sgt.Major… Well done..

Sgt. Minor Whitestone rides us to the Ranger HQ and we dismount with her. Inside she cuts off to an office and begins to issue her report. It is blunt, sarcastic, and perfectly executed. The Colonel in the office tried to close the door, but she did not permit him the chance. She then said she was off to Sir Halten to report in as this unit is, after all, under his command. If they wanted a lead to her efforts, they best act quickly. With that, she turns, mounts up, and we start off to Sir Halten.

Once there, the usual wait was cut down to a mere fifteen minutes. She gives her report with the same blunt, proper demeanor before departing. Once her report is over we are dismissed.

The unit desired to go to a bar — they suggested the barracks and invited me along. Given that I do not fully understand my disposition, I declined. They tried The Hammer and Anvil and again, I declined. I did not wish to enter a brawl. Volstagg then suggested his home which I was more than happy to attend. At least there I felt safe.

On the 14th we got our summons to Sir Halten. It was brief, of course. We were informed to prepare for our duty to resume tomorrow and we had a new trainee: Grendel. He smelt everyone of us. I made it a point to smell him right back (which I admit was probably a bad idea). Still..

We then made it a point to get him set up in his holdings. He was too large for the barracks at the HQ, so he was hosted behind the Wayfarer’s rest. After that, one last night of drink before I have to button it back up.

Before we get back to it, and I finish this report, I can not help but feel like an old guard has changed. Samira was the last living from the unit that had met Captain Hawksclaw, and now she is desked. I suspect once she has her child, she will retire from The Ranger Corps.

With nothing but young pups left, we are now left to forge our own path in the world. Leave our own legacies. We here much of the old members, of the greatness they achieved. Now, it is our turn to keep the reputation of this unit alive and achieve our own legends. Our own stories.

It’s time for The Legends to Awaken…

RFC Audric Amaroth, Sworn of House Wolfhaven.

Campaign Report 82

Tall Drink of Water

Report Filed 20th Falling Ice 3126

Sergeant Minor Amelia Whitestone
15th Falling Ice, 3125

The day after Trainee Grendel arrived, I assembled my team for our morning brief in the back room of the Barracks, only to realize that we could no longer meet inside due to the Ogre. So, we retired to the unsecured courtyard where I addressed the team and introduced out newest recruit, Newt.
Newt is a Brinchie merc who joined the Rangers after action fighting during the recent holding action against Shaya'Nor. On her paperwork, the 14th of Falling Ice, 3125 is her official date of duty, as with Grendel the Ogre.
Once normal introductions were completed, I explained out new mission. As has been noted, the plague referred to as Vainar's Bane or Vengeance has burned through the elven population, particularly within the city. Over the course of two years, various research projects and the sacrifices of numerous Rangers resulted in a breakthru in which Malcom, our resident scribe, determined that the plague was, in fact, an alchemical construct, a poison as it were.
A the time, he lacked the information on combating such a weapon. But, after further research, and information gleaned during our recent food investigation, it would appear that a ritual has been constructed to create an antidote of sorts. 
Most of the ingredients for said ritual have been reported as "standard", whatever that may mean. However, two items in particular were deemed as critical: "Water of absolute pureness", and "a sprig of Life-touched Angel’s Trumpet found on the highest peaks, in the darkest jungles, or within a forgotten glade."
Few, if any, guidelines were offered. As Malcom explained the translations were mostly guesswork and ancient alchemical manuscripts are universally frustrating and poetic. With no further information I put it to the team what they wished to investigate first. After RFC Amaroth flipped a coin, we settled on the water. 
A number of plausible ideas were offered, but the most likely was Sergeant Volstagg's suggestion that such a think MIGHT be found on the isle of Og'M'Drakar. Having never personally visited the isle, though always wondering at the challenge, I approved the mission. There had also been reports of Tempest units spotted or encountered on the island. Regardless, this would prove to be an interesting mission.
I left Sgt Volstagg in charge of acquiring the necessary gear while I arranged "transportation" with Sgt Major Stormhammer and consulted with our library for the most recent maps of the island.
16th Falling Ice, 3126
We met before dawn the following morning. Per arrangements with Sgt Major Stormhammer, my team hiked to a location north of the city where the Sgt Major and his team were setting up an Arcfire Teleportation device. RFC Amaroth questioned the Ranger's posession and use of such a device. In truth, there are many among the upper echelons who dislike use of arcfire, particularly Col Wolfhaven. However, high monetary cost aside, I have read reports which indicate the utility and accuracy of this device in particular.
So, I assembled my team in the ring of arcfire pylons while the Sgt Major powered up the machine. 
Our raiding party consisted of:
Sgt Minor Whitestone
Sgt Volstagg
RFC Amaroth
RFC Moldova
RFC Daynore
Ranger Newt
Trainee Grendel
Sir Stahn has been pulled for active roster, RFC Zathlan is on medical leave.
The device fired, and my team was teleported, rather violently, to a location just south of the southernmost Guaridan Gather, Fylg. We were met by a Defender of the Gather, an Orc who never bothered to give his name. So too, we were "inspected" by a Shaman, female Orc, who seemed to allow our passing.
Once the inspection was completed, we were led through the Gather to a location north and just inside the outermost ring-wall. There, we were told to wait in a small, stone structure, a crude imitation of a human dwelling. I focused on prepping my gear. The others amused themselves, while Grendel waited outisde.
Just after dark on the 16th, we were summoned by the Orc and led out of the Gather to the bank of the Lake. There, we began a short few hour run around the south-west bend of the lake to a location away from the Gather. The hope, as I understand, was to avoid detection by any enemy, see Tempest, forces on the island.
One the spot was chosen four Orcs lowered a wide, flat bottomed boat into the water and my team, Grendel included, boarded. We were ordered to sit silently while the Orcs gingerly rowed us across, making sure to make no noise in the effort. I am impressed with their skill and discipline.
It took hours to reach the far side. We arrived sometime in the 13th hour.
17th Falling Ice, 3126

Beaching the boat on the sandy shore, I sent Newt ahead to scout out landing while the team gathered their gear and prepared to offload on the beach. We never got the chance. Newt had barely reached the berm when about 60 yards insland, arclances opened up on our position.
Most of my team was struck, though not badly. Two the Orcs were killed instantly, a third mortally wounded. I ordered the team to seek cover behind the berm as tracer fire lit the night sky. Then I heard the horn. So much for the Element of Surprise.
Even as we hit threw ourselves down in the sand, Newt flow over head, in flames, headed for the lake. She doused herself in the water, before being plucked from the lake and thrown to safety by Sgt Volstagg.
Pinned as we were on the beach, ever second brought enemy reinforcements closer. Our enemy were sitting in a rough, wooden tower across a fairly clear killing field. Three arclancers.
I sent Newt around the flank to try and scale the tower. I ordered Grendel and the Orc to wait for her distraction before rushing the tower. Volstagg, Amaroth and I would make a zigzag run, cover to cover, to try and draw fire away from Newt. Daynor and Moldover would provide ranged and magical assistance.
On my order, Newt took off and the distraction squad broke cover. We ALL came under immediate and accurate fire. Newt took hits, Volstagg was riddled with arcfire and one crysalite punched straight through Amaroth, armor and all.
My shield was cut to ribbons as I took the center path toward the tower. But, we had numbers and sheer dumb luck. My team survived, if barely, the enemy fire and Newt reached the tower, though she was, again, in flames. 
As soon as she reached it, I ordered an all out assault. My plan of her climbing the tower and engaging the arclancers in melee did not work, but, to her credit, rather than put out the flames, she actually used herself as a living torch to light their tower on fire. **** of the thing.
The rest of us assaulted the wooden supports, hacking furiously at the bindings while Grendel suppressed the arclancers. Daynore managed to drop one of the arclancers with a bolt, and distract a second.
We had almost managed to bring the tower down when one of the arclancers hit a kill swith immolating himself and his comrades in an arcfire cataclysm. Though badly singed, we all survived the blast.
The Orc fell back to the boats to seek reinforcements from the gather. My team took a few moments to quaff healing potions and tend to wounds, Newt being mostly burn tissue before we formed up and struck out inland.
Tempest forces had been alerted to our presence, but they did NOT know our destination. That gave us a chance to reach the sacred spring located on the map I had procured. Whether we would be able to get out again, that was a the question.
We hiked for about 5 hours. The terrain was savage, and wild. I could see the strain the magic of the place put on Daynore and Moldova. Even I could feel the energy of the place, chaotic and oppressive. Just after mid day, we arrived at the location indicated on the map and I could feel the change in the atmosphere. Things here felt, calmer, more...alive...
At the center of a glade was  pool of pure, crystal clear water fed by a spring of melted snow... The first thaw of spring, fresh, untouched snow. It could get no more pure.
I stepped forward to fill the whitesilver canteen I had procured from Stormhammer when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder. Sgt Volstagg nodded to Moldove. "She should do it. She has never taken a life." I was impressed by the wisdom of the thought.
So, without comment, I passed the canteen to her, and ordered the team to spread out and form a perimeter. She seemed a bit unsettled, but, resolved. I could hear her praying to Archanon, odd, I never knew she had faith. And then, she dipped the canteen in the water, filled it to the bring without actually touching the pool. And it was done.
We were about to form up when Daynore asked whether that damned flower might also be located here. I ordered a five minute search. We found nothing, though our scout Newt alerted us to advancing Tempest troops.
Immediately we turned south and headed for the nearest beach. Speed was of the essence. We travelled another two hours before Newt fell back to warn us that the Tempest forces were setting up a wide search grid. The look on Volstagg's face confirmed my worst fears. Not knowing where we had gone, they saturated the countryside in small teams working a careful search pattern that eliminated any real means of escape.
We had to punch out. Volstagg agreed. And so began the mad, harrowing run for the beach. We ran for over two hours, encountering Tempest ambushes every few minutes. Arclancer tracer fire light the forest, starting fires and shattering trees. Everyone was hit. Volstagg, to his credit shielded our most vulnerable members.
And, miraculously, we made it to the beach, and ALMOST escaped intact What happened next, I can only report as it was reported to me.
I had just hit the beach when an arclancer caught me from behind. I went down and my world went black. So too, Volstagg went down. I think Moldova as well.
Even as our bodies hit the sands, Orcs rose from the water where they had lurked for...hours? They rushed the Tempest forces closing on our position. Even as the Fylg Defenders engaged the Tempest, more Orcs threw sand blended covers off boats and ushered us onboard, dragging the fallen. As their men died on the beaches, we were rowed to safety.
Once on the far side, late on the 17th, we were again taken to the small, human barracks and our wounds attended to. Here, RFC Amaroth took command and acted ably.
20th Falling Ice, 3126

I and the others remained unconscious until early on the 20th. It has taken some time to recover, but I am well enough to move now, and so file this report. While I was out, Daynore contacted Lady Moonsilver and delivered our report. 
I must say, Sgt Volstagg's suggestions and willingness to protect his team, RFC Amaroth stepping up to command in our absence, RFC Daynore taking care to report with me out of commission, RFC Moldova's actions during battle and her action at the spring, Newt's selfless act by using herself to burn out the enemy, even Trainee Grendel following orders and holding position until commanded...I believe they are now ready.
That said, I have received orders to wait until the team is ready, I would say two more days. After which, I must take the team out and head west. A new ally and RFC Zathlan will meet us at our new location.
I will give Tempest one thing, they know how to fight like Olarans. Come to it, I am not sure in an all out war we can win. Not without help. I fear only the Kal Empire might have the military might to stop them. That is a sobering thought.
Sergeant Minor Amelia Whitestone

RFC Amaroth's Report

Date: 18th of Falling Ice, 3126

To: Ranger Command of Echer'Naught

We're stuck here in this god forsaken island for now. Sgt.Minor Amelia Whitestone and Sgt. Volstagg are currently incapacitated. This leaves me with command of the unit. I do not have much instruction to give though -- We are currently confined to our quarters within this gather of goblinesh. 

The mission, though a success, came at great risk. We do not know if the item achieved will meet the criteria of the ritual, but it is the best option we have. I will recount the events leading up to the writing of this report. 

15th of Falling Ice, 3126

We collect in our usual arrangement, but once there Sgt.Minor Whitestone relocates us to the stables out back. Grendel, though small for an Ogre, still can't fit in the building. It is also at this time we meet Newt -- A Brinche of barely five feet who is from the front line fighting up in Camon. She seems grumpy, but I can only imagine what her journey was like. Either way with Tux and Grendal on the team we had a heavy hitter and, I assume, someone who specialized in a bit of scouting and stealth. 

Next on to the actual mission: We are to find 1 of 2 items. Option one the flower. A legendary item that is said to exist, but have no idea where or what it looks like. It is called a Life Touched Angel's Trumpet. It is, apparently, in some secluded glade or lake. Honestly? That sounds like a needle in a hay stack. 

Option two -- Water of absolute pureness. Which we have no idea what that really means. 

To put it simply -- we are looking for a bunch of abstract stuff that, due to the nature of how we acquired the information, aren't even sure if its a literal thing or not. Let alone how accurate the translation is. 

This makes my head hurt. But, we leave it to a coin toss and come to the decision we are going after the water first. Now, the only problem is we don't have an inkling of an idea of what it means or where to find this "water of absolute pureness".

Through the discussion, Sgt. Volstagg brings up the Isle of Dragons. I, personally, am not well versed in this location, but the others at the table seemed to think it a good place to start. Sgt. Minor Whitestone begins to examine a map, trying to route a path. Finally, she closed the map and declared that if this was important enough we would be teleporting. 

On the 16th of Falling Ice we gather outside of the walls at this insane contraption. Again, I feel ill informed. Others seemed to know what this was. Apparently it is some kind of Archfire teleportation device.  And then you ask one simple question and people think you're an idiot. 

Truthfully, do people not realize that this..whatever it rare for most. I am grateful for the insight that it was going to hurt though. And hurt it did -- my body felt like it was consumed by some eldritch fire as I stretched out into infinity. It was an eternity of pain in but a flickering moment.. 

Once I was able to focus my senses through the agony, I became aware of the sound of steam in the snow. Then I became alarmingly aware of the large selection of Goblinesh that enveloped us. If they wanted us dead, however, they would have sprung when we appeared. An old goblin-woman came forward, and none stood in her way. She came to each of us and rattled bones at us before we were finally allowed to move. 

We were given an escort through this massive fortification. It as not advanced, but for what they lacked in technology, they made up for in size. We were taken to a point on the wall where we overlooked a large lake. The Orc, who I can only assume is someone of importance, directed our gaze into the distance and declared that was where Tempest was. Then, we were told we were going to stay in a building until night and move out. 

That night we moved out, flanked by heavy orcs, with goblins as our scouts. I don't know how far we walked -- truthfully I was too paranoid that a blast of arcfire was going to streak out of the night and light us up. I do know we made it to the water and we slipped into a boat. 

It took us 3 hours... 3 hours... to get to our destination. We rowed slowly. But, if you were to listen to the winds rustle across the fields in Olara -- that would have made more noise than us as we traveled the water. Unfortunately, despite being as silent as a shadow, we were spotted by a watch tower. 

I, along with Whitestone, Moldova, and Daynor, were thrown to the beach. The rest had to fight there way to cover under a hail of arcfire blasts. Sgt. Minor Whitestone put myself and Sgt. Volstagg (along with herself) as distraction. Newt, who had only recently put themselves into the water to put out the flames, was to flank, and Grendal was to charge up once we started to engage them. 

We ran. We ducked, dipped, dived. I recall a tree falling down right over my head as the arcfire toppled it. Still, we made a good show of ourselves. Though I swore I saw Newt off on the flank on fire again... I didn't have much time to really question my eye (especially given this circumstances). But, a good show it was as we three made it to the base of this primitive tower. Also, Grendel is apparently very fast.. He bolted like lightening across the field. I would later learn this was a magical affect that enhanced his own speed. 

Once we were collected, in perfect fashion, Whitestone, Volstagg, and myself began to cleave into a leg, trying to bring the platform down. Also, Newt was on fire and she climbed up the tower enough and began to rub all over it until she set it on fire. 

I am not sure if I should be concerned for my comrades mental health or not... 

Regardless, as it was toppling we were sent tumbling as Arcfire detonated via self-destruct. But hey, we did it! It wasn't until morning we encountered our next issue... 

We found the destination -- an isolated lake untouched by anyone. It was a surreal experience to see an area unmarked by the passage of civilization. There, most assuredly, was beauty in it. Unfortunately, given the fact we went loud and took out a watch tower, Tempest likely was on the hunt. 

Moldova was elected to be the one to take the water -- she was the purest of us all, having never taken a life. So she took the water into the specially crafted white-silver flask and we made our way. Unfortunately, Tempest was closing the noose. 

We ran, and ran. Shots were fired, holes were boring into my steel armor and shield. Sometimes I had the pleasure of getting to cut one of those Tempest ******** down. And let me tell you, each time the blood flowed, it felt good... Euphoric you might say. It was hard not to give over to it..

It wasn't until the last leg of that arduous journey that disaster struck: Sgt.Minor Whitestone, Sgt. Volstagg, and RFC Moldova fell, succumbing to the various arcfire shots that had peppered us during our quick retreat. The beach, however, gave us respite in the form of reinforcements. 

The Orc that was the leader of our escort team had left us to fetch help. Looks like he brought in more than enough. They stormed the beach, pushing back the enemy and giving them targets to allow us to escape. They lost about 30 good orcs to the forces of Tempest. They displayed their honor proudly. They have earned my eternal gratitude and respect. 

Back at camp we were settled into our small quarters -- the three were tended to, but they were going to be out for a while. This left me in charge of the remaining team. Nothing I am not unfamiliar with. We were given chow to help fill our bellies and told to wait until the rest woke up. 

That was something I think we all could do easily. 

RFC Audric Amaroth, Sworn of House Wolfhaven. 

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