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Hi, I had several Shaintar related questions.

1.) Will the Kal accept "worthy" converts as Acolytes?

2.) What do builders eat and how does their agriculture work?

3.) Did builders and Faelakar/Eldakar exist at the same time on Starfall historically?


Thanks very much!


Hey Lessoc, welcome back! Let me see if I can get these answered for you.

1.) Will the Kal accept "worthy" converts as Acolytes?

So, I'm not sure I understand the question. Any human who shows potential for Ceynara's gifts can certainly become an Acolyte whether or not they hail from the Empire originally or not. However, "humans are the primary and dominant race, with the core bloodlines elevated over those that were subjugated in ancient times. Non-humans are exclusively slaves and can have no other role." As such, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Ceynara would bestow her gifts on a lesser creature. That said, "Vos-Ulin (High Slave): Gladiators, noble servants, and those that work within upper-level positions with some responsibility are of this caste. Vos-Ulin are treated relatively well and are valued by their owners. Not surprisingly, very few of the Vos-Ulin are non-human, and those that are usually have some rather extraordinary gift or reputation associated with their status." I could see a favored gladiator who has given over wholly to Ceynara and Flame MIGHT be worthy of Ceynara's gifts. The problem, however, is that elevating a lesser being to the status of Ceynara's chosen would invariably weaken the caste system and lead to greater rebellion and dissent. As such, it would have to be a SPECTACULARLY good reason for Ceynara to erode her own Empire for the sake of one individual no matter how gifted.

2.) What do builders eat and how does their agriculture work?

Builders are closest to dwarves, so you can assume they have a prefered diet closest to a very highly refined and sophisticated dwarven diet. That said, currently Builders are forced to live and work with existing cultures, so modern Builders eat whatever local cuisine is avaialble. They always eat the best, of course. As for agriculture, no Builders currently are involved in agriculture. Again, there are small numbers of Builders who work for various nations/factions. As such, they do not perform such menial tasks as farming. In that past, it can be assumed that Builders either use lesser races to do manual labor, or more likely, had a highly automoted agricultural industry. Since they can readily construct arcfire devices and golems, it must be assumed that they could easily manufactor any piece of machinery needed for something as mundane as farming. The real issue now is the severe shortage of crysarium to power their technology. It would be as if we suddenly lost all the worlds oil and gas. The vast majority of farm tractors would simiply grind to a halt. Now, we can supplament that energy, and there are emerging technologies now that might take the place, but 50 years ago, or longer, if we lost gas/oil all of our technology would be effectively useless. That is the nightmare the Builders find themselves in every day.

3.) Did builders and Faelakar/Eldakar exist at the same time on Starfall historically?

From Magic and Cosmology, "At the moment of the Shattering, Shanais and Targon infused the vast majority of their power into the continent and surrounding islands of what is now known as Shaintar. Instead of losing their power to the Shattering, their Father helped them use it to instead keep Shaintar relatively unscathed in the cataclysm. As well, large numbers of many races were transferred from other places on Starfall, preserving the diversity of sentient cultures at least for this one world. Even as the Mists settled into place and tens of thousands of startled beings struggled to understand what was happening, Shanais and Targon used the last of their remaining cosmological might to raise fve beings to a higher state – Vainar, Ceynara, Illiana, Dranak, and Zavonis." Since we know that both Vainar (Faelakar/Eldakar) and Zavonis (Aevakar) were elves at the founding of Shaintar jut after the Shattering of the Spire, AND that the Builders were a major faction fighting in the great war which led to the Shattering, the answer to your question is yes. More to the point, if this is to be understood, the Elves, and other races, appear to have been involved in the war fueld by Builder warmachines. Whether the pregenitors of the current races were active participants in the war, or merely refugees fleeing the conflict, is not stated. But, yes, the Faelakar and Eldakar existed ON Starfall BEFORE the Shattering of the Spire and, so too, did the Builders.

I hope this all helps. Let me know if I can answer any more questions, or clarify and points here!

Thanks for the quick reply!

 As far as the first point is concerned, the individual that I had in mind would have been a favored gladiator that originally hailed from Galea ( a human) and was captured during a battle with the Empire in 3122. He was sent to the blood pits and took to it like a duck to water. He lasted the entire season and was given his freedom. By this time, he had fully come to accept that Imperial society was superior and his homeland was a weak, pathetic place where non-humans were treated as equals.

The reason for his training is that he is the fifth son of a minor noble in Galea, he is to act as a sleeper agent with the ultimate goal to open a Cauldron and force the Southlands to deal with a battle on two fronts. He's supposed to be my BBEG. The area where I intend to do this is a refugee camp/boomtown just off the Wolf river in the Rolling Hills.

That's a big deal, I know, but the intention is that this is a looong term goal for the villain that may never come to fruition (especially if the players have anything to say about it!)


It is my pleasure, though I may not always be that quick. But, I WILL get an answer.

I think he sounds like a perfect candidate for becoming an Acolyte. There is little Flame enjoys more than consuming another soul. Also, since you are signing up to be a GM, let me tag you into our GM only area where we can discuss more details without any of your players stumbling onto crucial details.

For clarification's sake, the structure around individual campaigns has been relaxed quite a bit now as opposed to how it was when J&L first started, correct?

I am getting that we can do more or less what we want in our individual areas of play, Savage Mojo just reserves the right to consider some content non-cannon.

Just wanted to see if their was still a campaign approval process.


All of the same controls are in place. For coordination sake yes, we still have campaign approval. That ensures that two games are not operating in the same basic area. This prevents irreconcilable conflicts from occuring. And, again, Legends Awaken still holds prohibitions against, say, Dragons, Time Travel, and other non-Shaintar elements. Also, the elimination of existing cities, kingdoms, and published NPCs (kings, queens, etc) is still prohibited. However, GMs should feel free to explore the world and craft a compelling and engaging story. In general, my advice to GMs is if there ever a situation where you might feel a certain situation might require approval, just drop me a line!

One of the best sources of information on the "state of the world" are the Campaign Story Arcs. As of this, Timeless Sands. I will also be sending out regular updates so GMs are aware of monthly changes in the large-scale environment. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

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