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12-Apr-2017 04:46 PM - Fantasy Grounds

     In case anyone had forgotten, we're in the middle of a Kickstarter, for the Thundering Skies plot point campaign book. Click here and you can find out all about that. As part of that, today I posted a big reveal: Thundering Skies and Shaintar: Legends Unleashed, are getting a conversion to the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. The official people at Smiteworks are doing the conversion, so hurrah for that.

     Why is that important?

      It's important because gamers are finding it harder and harder to find games in their local area. It's a big world and we move around a lot these days. Friends who gamed together for years and increasingly split by members of the group moving away. And if you're the person who has to move away, because of work or other commitments? Well then you have the trauma of finding a new group in a new town.

     So people are gathering online to roleplay. With old friends, continuing their long-running stories. With new friends the find among online communities.

     There's a real need for good "virtual tabletop" apps. Fantasy Grounds is just that, and it keeps improving. All the main rules systems are available, and there's a well established Savage Worlds player base. We've converted the Suzerain core book and Shaintar's Legends Arise core book, but now it's the turn of Legends Unleashed and, if we fund successfully, Thundering Skies.

     We're commited to helping gamers find a great gaming experience no matter where you live and who's nearby.



     Miles M Kantir

     Publisher, Savage Mojo

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08-Apr-2017 12:10 PM - Shaintar Saturday Release!

Wait, What??? A new release DURING a kickstarter?  

Yes, it's true. We may be doing a kickstarter for Thundering Skies, a new 96 page Savage Worlds plot point campaign AND we're releasing a new guidebook for Shaintar. Welcome to the Brinchie - a cat-like humanoid race from the strange and harsh land of Norcan Darr.  They've been a force on the side of light time and time again and the rest of the races seem to be getting past their original belief that these must be demonspawn.

It seems that there have been brinchie at many key moments in history and Thundering Skies is no different. We're proud to present the first featured ally for the kickstarter. In fact, this particular character played in the very first living campaign game four years ago. 

To get your copy on our website, click here and for DriveThruRPG, click here.


Aradove Longtail, Scout extroardinaire,

This quick witted scout saved the lives of her companions and stood out in the first skirmish of the first game of the Thundering Skies storyline.

Athrate Alystar, Elven member of a Gray Rangers squad said;

"I close with a final note regarding my companions. In regards to Ranger trainee Longtail, I find her methods unorthodox and at times confusing. However, without her quick wit and quicker blades, I would not be alive to dictate this report. She shows courage in the face of danger, enthusiasm for her task, and a willingness to follow orders, if a bit impetuous."

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05-Apr-2017 07:29 AM - New Kickstarter Live

For Immediate Release:

Savage Mojo's newest kickstarter is now live! Shaintar: Thundering Skies RPG Campaign is set in the Epic high fantasy world of Shaintar. Why did we choose to kickstart a plot point campaign?


I'm very glad you asked. There's several reasons but the main one is that we've been paying attention to the fans and noticed that you've been asking for a great PPC for high fantasy for years and we're going to deliver...In Style!

What can you expect from this project? A fast paced full sized 96 page plot point campaign with locations described, villains and NPCs statted out and everything a person will need for their character to get started on the story. The great news is that this is based upon the story line played by the Justice & Life living campaign (now Legends Awaken) and will incorporate some of the reports and information the original players & GMs submitted.

But wait, there's more! Now that we have the basics, the backers get their chance to impact the story as well. There's a number of collaborative opportunities where YOU can create a Villain, NPC or Ally and even create a plot twist. All of these collaboration opportunities have you working directly with our development team.  We're so excited to share this opportunity and can't wait for you to join in.

Come join in on the fun! Just click the image to be taken right to the kickstarter.


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