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06-Mar-2017 10:21 PM - New Initiative: Legends Awaken

Savage Mojo is proud to announce a new initiative being launched. Legends Awaken, the contiuation and expansion of the original Shaintar: Justice and Life campaign is here. 

 Every player, every GM and every game played in the current years' story arc will become canon and take its place within the history of the Continuum. Your Epic stories will be a part of the timeline and reports and characters are sure to find their way into our printed products. If you have questions, feel free to contact our community manager, Howard Brandon here:


Just click the image to sign up!

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16-Feb-2017 11:31 AM - Nocturne Review by 13th Age Creator, Rob Heinsoo

We're very pleased to receive a wonderful mini-review of our Gothic Horror setting of Nocturne for 13th Age by the game system's own creator. Thank you Rob.

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12-Feb-2017 05:09 PM - Shaintar Sunday Release


The pdf of the first Anthology is now live and we added a book to it as well. You'll now find Dwarven Clanhomes, Elvish Nation, Galea, Olara, Mindoth's Tower & Archanaya, Serenity, The Freelands, and The Wildlands in this 162 page compilation for $24.99 for the pdf.

It took a couple of tries but the print files are now in the prep stage over at DriveThruRPG. Hopefully things will go better than my last time and we'll be ordering proofs by Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can get a copy of the Anthology in pdf format on our website here: or on our sales portal at by searching Shaintar.

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