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Daily Mojo - 02-Nov-2015 05:56 PM
Looking for Help

Hello everyone! We're looking for someone who wants to dig in and help us with our client business side by reaching out to new clients and helping oversee client project. You can decide how many hours you'd like to work. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us by emailing Gayle at Also, feel free to check out what we do for client work at!


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Heidi's Blog - 30-Sep-2015 02:42 AM
Suzerain Updates

Suzerain not only encompasses many settings, but also different systems, so we have a variety of places that we update our products.

There are a few places we post no matter what subtopic of Suzerain we are discussing: the Savage Mojo website, the Savage Mojo Facebook page, the Suzerain Facebook page, the Suzerain Facebook group, the Savage Mojo Google+ page, the Suzerain Google+ community, the Piazza forums, the Savage Mojo Twitter, and occasionally the RPGNet forums.

For Savage World specific posts we also go into the Official Savage Worlds Facebook group, the Savage World G+ community, and the Pinnacle forums.

Shaintar is one of the newest additions to the Suzerain realms and we have a few special places we go for that: the Shaintar website, the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Facebook group, and the Shaintar, World of Legends G+ community.

For Pathfinder, we also hit the Paizo website, the Anachronistic Adventurers Facebook group, and the Pathfinder RPG Google+ community.

There are a variety of places to follow all the updates of Suzerain. ;)

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G'Andy's Blog - 10-Apr-2015 07:23 AM
In the long long ago, in the before times
Birmingham, UK

Sooooo its been ages (several months) since I last posted anything, which I apologise for, there are a variety of contributing factors but mainly it comes down me being disorganise and pants.


Lets catch up, back at the end of January we went to the Conception gaming con and as always I had a great time. I think other people didn’t have as much fun as they struggled to get into games that interested them but I was running 7 games so didn’t really experience that side of things.

I ran my usual 4 games of Feng Shui and much fun was had by all, even if the last game went from ‘lets go take down the big bag guy that tried to kill us’ to ‘lets go to grandmas house for tea’, but as it so happened the big bad decided to take grandma hostage so it all worked out in the end. Reacting to what players do is one of the great things about being a GM.

I also re-ran the 2 Sav Suz senerios I have written for cons, the Incident Response Team stuff, so the first was the pure investigation and paranoia game the second is the stealth/ combat game this year the players went more stealth than combat.

I also ran The Blessed Child which is one the Quantum Sliders scenarios, #Spoiler Warning, reading this may give away some bits of the plot#

I had a good bunch of players who really got into the RP, so much so that I dropped all of the combat encounters as they would have broken the flow and didn’t suit the direction the players took. Basically the players were given a choice to make where there is no right answer and every choice has pros and cons then then had 4 hours to gather details, talk to NPCs and discuss among themselves. They seemed to have a great time going back and forth and boiling down the different gods claims and coming to the conclusion that there was no perfect choice.

At the end they had picked the god they wanted to back, one of the party had Krona Yig the eyeless tyrant riding around in his head and they seemed to have enjoyed the session.

I may have to put together a scenario for next year where they try and remove Krona Yig from their party members head.


Empire event 1 was last weekend and once I got past the serious mud fest I had a really good event. I may go on about it some more in a future post.


I feel I should do a shout out about the Neon Sanctum Kick Starter, I played a playtest of it at Conception last year and was really taken with its innovative card system, and although I am not sure about how well it will gel with my style of running I liked it enough to back it, I would recommend people check it out.

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